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Advice, Tips, Friendship
# 1 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:27
Hi folks
Right so here goes. I have taken the step of coming out to my wife. Don't really want to go into the I shouldn't have got married etc. I did and I have dealt with it the best way I could. My wife has taken it surprisingly well. We still live together for the moment and she has even gone as far as saying she would bring me to a gay bar. I'm quite shy and kind of a lads lad and no offence to anyone on here but gay bars, camp lifestyle would not appeal to me at all.
I would like to make some friends etc but don't have a clue where to start.
Any advice, information would be appreciated.
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# 2 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:28
Or if anyone on here has gone through the same situation it would be great to hear from you.
# 3 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:31
Welcome Cabs,that's a huge step,glad to hear your wife is so understanding,bring her out to a gay bar,she might enjoy it,and it is not all camp either,some don't even bring their knitting out with them.
# 4 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:36
Welcome to Gaire Cabs.! It's great that your wife is so supportive. I think you should take your wife up on the offer and visit a few gay bars. Gays come in all shapes and sizes and types. Some are much more manly than the most manly heterosexual.
# 5 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:37
Your wife sounds like she is taking it well. At least you have a stable base from which to explore your new life.

Might be worth checking - they have a few activity and social groups that meet up regularly. There's also a cafe & notice board that would have other events that haven't made it onto the website.
# 6 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:38
That's great that your wife took it so well - fair play to her!
# 7 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 20:44
I have met a guy before who was married before and had taken the step of coming out to his wife. I also know a lady in the same boat.

Also since you got married in the first place maybe you are bisexual.
# 8 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 21:00
Hi, I'm a bit confused?? It says on your profile that you are bi??? If so why did you need to end things with your wife?? Or maybe you haven't gotten around to updating your profile??
# 9 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 21:20
Hi guys thanks for the replies, yes she has been very supportive. It was the best thing for both of us that I came out her. She is an amazing woman and we will always be best friends. This is all so completely new to me I don't know where to start.
My profile needs to be updated I initially joined a while back and haven't been back on until recently. I'm gay and I'm also 33 and not 29. I must update it.
# 10 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 21:20
I would suggest you consider contacting Gay Switchboard for advice

(01) 872 1055
Monday to Friday: 6:30pm – 9pm
Saturday: 2pm – 6pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays: 4pm – 6pm
# 11 : Tuesday 22-7-2014 @ 21:36
Re meeting gay friends in a not camp situation: maybe you might have an interest in the gay hiking group, or swimming group, soccer group or rugby group. Oh and the running group. Or there are non-sporty options too but I know less about them. There is a gay social group meeting this thurs in the front lounge but I'm guessing it's a little too early for that for you.
# 12 : Wednesday 23-7-2014 @ 18:52
very honorable of you to go through that with your wife,
so many chicken out and try to live a never-ending double life.
# 13 : Wednesday 23-7-2014 @ 21:27
Someone said :
very honorable of you to go through that with your wife,
so many chicken out and try to live a never-ending double life.

And so many just want their cake and to eat it too.
# 14 : Wednesday 23-7-2014 @ 23:31
Contact outhouse they do some great courses
# 15 : Thursday 24-7-2014 @ 08:05
It was really difficult prior to telling her, the stress and worry I put myself through was crazy and also the stress I put my wife through. I didn't want to look back when I'm older with regrets and I also wanted my wife to live a happy life and I couldn't give her everything that she needed in a relationship. It was the hardest thing I have and will ever do in my life but I feel like such a weight has lifted from me and also for my wife.
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