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Advice, Tips, Friendship
# 16 : Thursday 24-7-2014 @ 08:50
Someone said :
And so many just want their cake and to eat it too.

And so many lived double lives, because they didn't have the support network this young man has...
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# 17 : Thursday 24-7-2014 @ 14:54
Someone said :
It was really difficult prior to telling her, the stress and worry I put myself through was crazy and also the stress I put my wife through. I didn't want to look back when I'm older with regrets and I also wanted my wife to live a happy life and I couldn't give her everything that she needed in a relationship. It was the hardest thing I have and will ever do in my life but I feel like such a weight has lifted from me and also for my wife.

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Coming out is the most difficult thing a lot of people do in their lives.
A lot of people don't have the ability to do it and remain in the closet for their entire lives.
Well done.
I hope the advice here helps you to find great new friends and lovers and happiness.
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