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Food Allergies
# 1 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 20:32
Is it possible to develop an allergy to certain foods?

I've never had an issue with eggs before but over the last few weeks anytime I eat them my stomach ends up in a hoop.
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# 2 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 20:44
# 3 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 20:46
Your stomach is prob more used to sperm than eggs. Stick to what you know
# 4 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 20:46
Yes, people often develop new allergies later in life.

Conversely some go away as you age.

Ain't life grand!?
# 5 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 20:56
Balls, omelettes are my favourite food.
# 6 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 21:01
Try a different type of egg.
Duck eggs if you can get them, see if they have the same effect.
Or free range eggs as opposed to battery hen eggs.
Eggs also interact with certain medications.
If I eat eggs cooked through, no prob.
If I eat soft boiled eggs, blow it out my ass twenty minutes later.
This is only since I've been on certain meds.
# 7 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 21:33
I'm highly allergic to fish - as a vegetarian this should be easy enough to avoid but the amount of food that contains fish in some form can be surprising, it's not a rarity for veg soup to have a stock base that contains fish oils of some sort etc.

While I was born with it my elder brother developed an intolerance to fish in his mid 30's - upset stomach, headaches etc.

Listen to your body, if it's not agreeing with you it's best to work around it.
# 8 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 22:19
Quail eggs are delicious.
# 9 : Monday 4-8-2014 @ 22:36
im queasy after i eat chicken, it only started a year ago
# 10 : Thursday 18-8-2016 @ 21:55
I seem to have developed quite an intolerance to lactose.
# 11 : Friday 19-8-2016 @ 12:37
Lots of people I know are discovering lactose and gluten intolerances they never knew they had , it's good now there are so many alternatives ... A bit freaky that your body can suddenly decide no more though ...
# 12 : Friday 19-8-2016 @ 13:46
The quality of the ingredients has dropped and the whole process of baking has changed (freezing the loaves for long periods) in recent times so its no wonder people are having more issues with gluten.
# 13 : Sunday 21-8-2016 @ 20:52
Yes it is possible to develop allergies.

But it's also possible, and I suspect this is the case here, with your eggs, for your gut to develop and retain a dislike of certain foods.

As in, if you eat something and for an unrelated reason become sick, your gut will often (in error) associate that food with being sick, and you will become nauseous when you try to eat it.

There's no definite cure really if this is the case, essentially it's your gut being "racist"
If you really liked eggs before and this is screwing up your diet, you can try like, sitting down with a glass of water, and a hard boiled egg, take a deep breath and actually tell yourself "it's OK this is fine to eat and it won't make me sick",
Basically you need to retrain your gut not to judge all eggs by the one brush because of one bad encounter.
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