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# 16 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 09:26
Someone said :
Not all fructose is bad

Fructose is fructose, no?
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# 17 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 09:31
I, like a lot of people, started juicing, loved it, was all about it, and then I just stopped. That's my poor discipline though! This thread will hopefully spur me on to get back at it...

Does anyone have any nice combos they can post? I tasted wheatgrass bfore, really didnt go down well, and anyway, my juicer cant really handle the stuff - it gets stuck in the blades.

So, fruit/veg juice recipes anyone?
# 18 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 10:13
so do you just throw away all the pulp from the fruitveg after you juice it?? Also is wheatgrass the same as wheatgerm??
# 19 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 14:37
Someone said :
Fructose is fructose, no?

No. Some info here - you may also want to take a look at high fructose corn syrup which ends up in a lot of food and drinks
# 20 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 16:14
Someone said :
No. Some info here - you may also want to take a look at high fructose corn syrup which ends up in a lot of food and drinks

High fructose corn syrup is processed, but the fructose in fruit is just as dangerous in large amounts.

Eat your fruit whole, don't juice them is basically the message.
# 21 : Monday 1-9-2014 @ 16:57
"Juicing" sounds like a cross between aerobic exercise and sex.

Introducing "juicersize" where you can get your juices flowing and get a complete work out at the same. damn. time.

# 22 : Tuesday 2-9-2014 @ 20:24
I go through about 2 litres of Innocent smoothies (divine) and a litre of OJ a week. A lot of the time I mix them with sparkling water.
# 23 : Tuesday 2-9-2014 @ 21:31
Will probably start juicing watercress to see the benefits soon. Anyone tried it? etc ...
# 24 : Tuesday 2-9-2014 @ 22:55
Looks good,i'd like to try fresh wheatgrass rather than the powdered variety,read today that eating fruit everyday lessens the risk of heart attack by up to 40%.
# 25 : Thursday 18-9-2014 @ 22:53
I'll have to do some more research - but there seems to be evidence that a heavily plant based diet reduces the rate of prostate cancer.

I'm mostly veggie now - so I'm going for quality rather than quantity. That means that the food I'm eating is really gorgeous. This is more like a foodie adventure than a diet.

I'm still juicing - I'm not specifically trying to lose weight (12kg so far though), but I was trying to get the food pyramid the right way around. So I'm mostly eating vegetables. But I always found it hard to eat enough greens - hence the kale and spinach in the juice. It's about two months now, and I think it's time to watch 'Fat Sick and Nearly Dead' again.

I haven't tried wheatgrass. I've to be reasonably careful or the ulcer / colitis / all the usual stuff starts again. Don't want to go back there.
# 26 : Thursday 18-9-2014 @ 23:21
Sounds like you're on a really healthy drive there Zoz.
# 27 : Thursday 18-9-2014 @ 23:47
Went to my local synagogue to hear some Jews sing,left thirsty.
# 28 : Sunday 21-9-2014 @ 18:37
Just had half a pack of hobnobs. In fairness I'd had a wholemeal wrap with a salad of mixed beans, bit of blue cheese and leaves. But I'm stuck in work and needed to be cheered up. Hobnobs were the answer. They are so often the answer.
# 29 : Sunday 21-9-2014 @ 18:38
Hobnobs and danish blue are a match made in heaven.Yummy!
# 30 : Sunday 21-9-2014 @ 19:31
We have a nutribullet at work and I use it at least once a day.

Banana, peanut butter, pear, brazil nuts in the morning.
Carrot, apple and ginger in the afternoon.

I want to cut back on the nuts and fruit and try to get more veg into it.

any recommendations for something that doesn't taste like grass?
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