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Most Attractive Nationality Living In Ireland.
# 46 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 09:28
No Your not a racist sexually in the least! Your right!
And Im not looking at it from you point of view either.
I was out for a drink with a lady friend of mine, in London and this is her take on it.
If there were 12 Polish men, or indeed 12 English men all in there 20s, standing at a bar, they would all look very similar.
But if there were 12 Irish men of similar age, standing at a different bar, [Sorry! that bar was getting crowded. Lol!]they would all look different! She was right!
Mind you, you would probably have to go to Oz or Canada to see 12 young Irishmen in a bar together! You might find a few sleeping rough around Dublin though!
Apparently RTE are makIng a drama about an Irish family. Its set in the family home. A car on a piece of waste ground in Tallagh! Shame on us!
Its just a point!
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# 47 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 13:26
Italians are my current favourites.
# 48 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:21
# 49 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:32
the irish,
# 50 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:34
the italians, and south americans,
# 51 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:39
The Portuguese.
# 52 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:44
Someone said :
The Portuguese.

I think it's great that we have an independent expert on the boards here.

# 53 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:53

Seriously now, not sure anymore since haven't lived in Ireland for over 3 years. But no doubt the Germans are one of the top three most attractive people, especially the guys, fortunately!

As well as being naturally handsome etc etc they really look after themselves, dress well, keep fit, well groomed....

Finns and Swedes are also very hot, Norwegians can look a bit inbred...
# 54 : Tuesday 6-10-2015 @ 11:42
Everyone raves about eastern European women being stunning but I find the men from that part of the world very unattractive, I know I'm generalising a bit here but to me they all seem to have mousey colouring, featureless faces and are either too skinny or too pumped up. Mediterranean and middle eastern men do it for me (I like them dark and hairy) but the former can be very conceited (a complete turn off) and with the latter the cultural differences would put me off (well having a relationship with one anyway).
When all is said and done I see plenty of Irish men of all ages that I find very attractive, some of it has to do with their personalities, some of it has to do with the fact that they don't think that they're attractive, I've a bit of a thing for gingers and guys that go prematurely grey but blondes leave me cold. I suppose far away hills are greener but give me an strapping athletic Irishman everytime (either of the Kearney brothers would do).
# 55 : Tuesday 6-10-2015 @ 12:16
I would feel the same Seamai, I wouldn't find eastern europeans attractive.
# 56 : Saturday 10-10-2015 @ 15:54
And not to mention the fact that maybe if they weren't here, our sons and daughters wouldn't have to go to Australia and Canada for good! Looks apparently don't matter a lot when you emigrating as long as your passport photos clear. Mind you, they will be only using it one way! Ive been there!
Maybe the eastern Europeans could go there? Oh apparently they don't take them! They have a problem. Its called racism!
Very strange that The EU and Germany in particular are telling us how many of them we must take! Correct me if Im wrong but apparently Germany had something to do with the devastation of Poland etc during that thing they called a war which fortunately Germany lost or is that just a rumour started by those horrible English people? Poor old Eamonn De, was really heart broken that his mate Adolf never got here! Wow! just think of how well we would be doing now if he had! We could "use" even more!
And not to labour the point, the only reason that there here is that the builders and property speculators, who were Irish, now living in Spain having stung half the country!They were able to screw them for money and treat them like the Irish were treated all over the World in the up to not so long ago. Of course, now thankfully, the German supermarket chains are employing them for minimum wage on shifts part time, which means they cant sign on, or indeed borrow to buy a house. They are are treated appallingly by us. And the old excuse? There much better workers than the Irish!!! No they are not. They are mostly handymen.They are not in desperation either. Most are young men experiencing Europe and having been in uk, came here. We are renowned for our work ethic worldwide and our skills are famous! There easier used as there much cheaper workers than the Irish!The Shure arnt we the cute hoers now! Fair play to ya! Mind you, when your a third world country like us.
you don't have choices. Patriotism has left here in aeroplanes full of the flowers
of our youth. And there never coming back! Irish first. Also they should have basic English as the number on building who cant speak English is dreadful. How does the H and S executive justify having them working when they cant converse if they want to shout a warning? Would it possibly be a monetary issue? Surely not!!!Ill give you an example of what happened in uk that could have killed 5 or six innocent people because only one out of 4 labourers spoke English! All other Europeans are welcome but there should be restrictions. It makes economic sense. They should have a comparable skill level and then should be paid the same rates as us.
Its time we stood up for who we are supposed to be.

I am "plain clothes" Irish having worked all over Europe as a trades man and also as projects manager and building surveyor. I have worked with all nationalities and treat all with respect.
Ive seen racism in action towards them. Not least in the uk! Its dreadful. But when your desperate to feed your family in Warsaw, you keep your mouth shut and get on with it! My best friend is Polish and we discuss all these things openly. He understands and we agree. Less here would be better for them too. Our greatest export is our people! Enough!
# 57 : Sunday 11-10-2015 @ 00:32
I'm going to add my vote to the Polish as well.. Beautiful Sallow skin (I'm a sucker for it) coupled with sweet & gentle Natures.. So attractive.. Of course I'm not an idiot either & know that there is good & bad in all races & creeds. Choosing to surround yourselves with the right type for you is the most important thing.
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