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Are You A Hugger?
# 1 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 14:37
I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday about hugging, this guy has been living in Australia for the last 13 years and this visit was his first in 4 years, and when he met his father at the airport he greeted him with a firm handshake, when he met his brothers and male friends later they all did the same.
My perception of society seems to be shifting away for these formal displays as my teenagers hug their friends and family often.

Do you hug? And if you do is it a free for all or do you only hug certain people?
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# 2 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 14:59
I hug people if I haven't seen them for a while but I'm not one of those serial huggers.
You know the fake, attention seeking type? Running in slow mo across the Dundrum town center, squealing in delight and hugging a person you haven't seen since yesterday.
# 3 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 15:22
Actually this reminds me of the free hug campaign from years ago, did any of ye participate in that?
# 4 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 15:50
Jesus, I hate it unless it's for someone whom I haven't seen in ages.
On the other hand, if it's a hottie I haven't seen in 5 minutes or more, all for it, butt hug included.
# 5 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 16:20
I love being hugged by a man - even platonically. I think gay men hug better though. A straight male hug to a man isn't the same. They pat on the back and avoid facial contact.

Having said that I never initiate the hug unless its non-platonic in a context where that was already understand beforehand.

I have no wish to be hugged by a woman.
# 6 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 16:35
No. I'm not a hugger. I like my personal space. this is of course outside of sex where I do enjoy being in an embrace but in terms of just being social a 'hello and wave' is good enough for me. Some people find this strange but I am who I am and I do hug people occasionally to fit into the 'norm' but it wouldn't be something I'd want to do otherwise
# 7 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 17:47
Someone said :
I do hug people occasionally to fit into the 'norm' but it wouldn't be something I'd want to do otherwise

Can't believe you are Hugophobic.
# 8 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 17:57

# 9 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 18:02
Someone said :

Think I got me mooch off her once in Fibber Magees.
# 10 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 18:09
id be a hugger,but it would depend on who it is.
# 11 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 18:14
I'm a selective hugger
# 12 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 18:39
Immediate family and lovers yes. I was just cuddling my sister there but she hates it. I find the embrace and kiss on the cheek you have to do with your extended family at Christmas an effort. And I don't really have any interest in hugging my friends but it sometimes happens.
# 13 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 18:45
Big Time Hugger, its just part of me although I wouldn't really hug anybody that I'd only just met.
# 14 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 19:28
Let's face it, some people smell, no way would I hug anyone like that . Only close family and friends. Most of the time a hand shake is the way to go, then just rub some sanitising gel in, job done.
# 15 : Sunday 14-9-2014 @ 20:37
I noticed my boyfriend has an a sort of formal relationship with his Dad, they don't hug. But he hugs and kisses his friends, would do the same with my Mam/Dad.

I think it's a generational thing, I doubt my mother would have hugged her mother often.
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