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Media You Can Relate To
# 1 : Monday 22-9-2014 @ 12:44
So I wanted to share this video cos I found what he says about attraction to be very accurate to my own experience. The coming out stuff isn't really relevant cos he was obviously born in quite a different time. Anyone else found anything that they could really relate to... a book, poem, movie, song etc?
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# 2 : Monday 22-9-2014 @ 16:26
For me, it would have been the Internet in 1990. On it, specifically the bulletin board soc.motss, I discovered discussions of homosexuality and all sorts of aspects of it, updated daily. It covered films coming my way, radical political positions, debates on company policies, being out or not out, AIDs...

Most importantly, it was discussions by and between lgbt people, not some other media talking about lgb people. The only other media by lgb people that I had seen before that was an article or two in student union magazines, and always about coming out. The Internet discussions were much more interesting and informative than that.

And I could watch safely for a few weeks until I felt confortable chipping in.
# 3 : Monday 22-9-2014 @ 16:31
Um that video didn't have that effect on me or anything
# 4 : Thursday 25-9-2014 @ 22:09
This is a very informative article about things that I get asked all the time:
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