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The Ebola And Other Deadly Diseases Thread
# 31 : Monday 29-12-2014 @ 19:36
Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow hospital

A healthcare worker who has just returned from West Africa has been diagnosed with Ebola and is being treated in hospital in Glasgow.

The patient, who arrived from Sierra Leone on Sunday night, is in isolation at Glasgow's Gartnavel Hospital.

All possible contacts with the case are being investigated. The patient will be transferred to high level isolation in London as soon as possible.

Sources told the BBC the Ebola case involved a female aid worker.

NHS Scotland said infectious diseases procedures had been put into effect at the Brownlee Unit for Infectious Diseases at Gartnavel.

The patient returned to Scotland from Sierra Leone late on Sunday via Casablanca and London Heathrow, arriving into Glasgow Airport on a British Airways flight at about 23:30.

While public health experts have emphasised that the risks are negligible, a telephone helpline has been set up for anyone who was on the Heathrow to Glasgow flight.


Uh oh - the first of many Xmas-related cases?
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# 32 : Monday 29-12-2014 @ 20:12
Hopefully not. It WAS someone from the region, not necessarily an outbreak.
# 33 : Tuesday 30-12-2014 @ 13:12
Surreal, a nurse in another country has an infectious disease and the Irish Minister of Health comes on TV to say that he doesn't believe that Ireland is at risk.??? What drugs are they putting in our water supply.
# 34 : Tuesday 30-12-2014 @ 15:52
- ah those ministers sure do love their air time.
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