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Do You Restrict What You Eat?
# 1 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 14:27
I eat pretty much anything I want, If I want something from the chipper. I'll go have it, the same with dessert, sweets and any junk food. But I rarely want them so it doesn't bother me when I do. A lot of people I know seem to be on perpetual diets or restricting what they eat because its fattening or they are allergic to this or that or it has to be gluten free.

Do you restrict what you eat?
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# 2 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 15:11
Didn't until a few weeks ago when diagnosed with moderate heart disease so red meat, cheese, anything with too much sugar and most booze is off the menu these days - although I feel slightly better for it
# 3 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 15:35
I'm a ovo-lacto vegetarian and am highly allergic to most fish (you'd be surprised at the byproducts that end up in most soups etc)but other then that - I'm all in
# 4 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 15:38
More like, You're all out if yer a lacto vegetarian.
# 5 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 15:46
Loooooaaads of options, if anything too many for a many like myself :P etc ...

Though I'd happily live off bread and cheese if I could
# 6 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:07
I know bbz! Yer still not "all in"!
# 7 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:08
I eat what i want.
Thankfully what i want is mostly not too bad for me. I don't go to chippers or eat much fast food.
I do love eating though and would never curtail it.
I also do a lot of walking which helps burn off the calories. If i sat around doing nothing i would be huge.
# 8 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 16:57
Have restricted cheese, white bread, cut out coffee completely...

Increased, fruit, nuts, chicken, eat a large healthy breakfast ......
# 9 : Tuesday 4-11-2014 @ 17:20
Historically my diet is junk and processed food but now I'm trying to fast most of
week to lose weight but ensure I drink lots of water as that helps burn calories to keep you warm if the water is cold. I also avoid orange-juice as it gives me flareups of redness from dermatitis.
# 10 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 19:07
Eat everything , stop when full, no allergies , i like a varied diet
# 11 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 19:25
Someone said :
I'm trying to fast most of week to lose weight

Starving yourself is dangerous and wont work. Just fucking exercise and eat a healthy well balanced diet.
# 12 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 19:47
Someone said :
Starving yourself is dangerous and wont work. Just fucking exercise and eat a healthy well balanced diet.

I am exercising. I walked 6 miles yesterday and 3.8 miles the day b4.
# 13 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 19:52
Well done, thats great and you should keep it up. Make sure it is a fast walk so you break a sweat. You need to eat though, or you will make yourself very sick.
# 14 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 20:11
I think you need to get a book on basic nutrition Eamonn, You seem to not have a clue on feeding yourself.
# 15 : Wednesday 5-11-2014 @ 20:17
I restrict everything I eat. 99% of the time is non processed food only. Porridge every morning, usually some fresh salad, tuna or chicken for lunch and some fruit, every evening then it is chicken breasts, steak or fish with vegetables. No potatoes, no pasta during the week or anything else like that. Very little dairy, I drink almond milk mostly. I try to get about 100g of protein a day. But I usually will treat myself on the weekend and have some bread and some pasta.
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