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The Cheap Flights Thread.
# 106 : Tuesday 21-3-2017 @ 17:29
Romania is an underrated country with stunning natural beauty, it's also very cheap so together with those flights it would make for a very cheap holiday.
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# 107 : Wednesday 22-3-2017 @ 12:58

ssh dont tell anyone but ryanair are doing a 5€ flash sale til 6pm
As far as I can tell from Dublin its just to Brussels Charleroi and Newcastle
But there is a flight to Berlin from Shannon at 5€
# 108 : Wednesday 22-3-2017 @ 18:36
I tried to book a flight to Bucharest earlier today for 83E return but the transaction wouldn't go through so opened a new window and could complete the booking if I paid E159. No thanks.
# 109 : Wednesday 22-3-2017 @ 18:47
That's weird. I think the site maybe down for maintenance this evening. Check again tomorrow or if you a felxiable on dates check out blue air which is a Romanian airline and have good deals if you book a few months in advance
# 110 : Wednesday 14-6-2017 @ 17:58
I have a habit of going over to Brussels on day trips
It is generally cheap 19.99€ each way but I have noticed the price has gone up to 25€
And not just for summer that is the cheapest price their fare finder is offering me now until November

I know an extra 10€ isnt much if this was your holiday but these are just day trips I like to take and is equal to the price of lunch or a one day metro ticket

All the 19.99€ fares to the mainland seem to be gone

# 111 : Thursday 15-6-2017 @ 00:30
Ah you poor thing.
# 112 : Friday 23-6-2017 @ 00:16
Saw a cheap offer to Athens from swineair but when I checked the fares were astronomical, just saw on TV that there is a rubbish strike there so will decline.
# 113 : Saturday 8-7-2017 @ 00:34
If you travel Ryanair with others and don't want to pay for a seat to travel together you will be allocated seats from either end of the plane, avoid this by going on
# 114 : Saturday 8-7-2017 @ 01:44
It doesn't bother me where or who I'm sitting beside. I don't get why people are bothered unless you've got kids.
# 115 : Saturday 8-7-2017 @ 15:51
Doesn't bother me either but I hate being stuck in the middle.
# 116 : Thursday 13-7-2017 @ 00:27
Bremen return in September with seats booked for 65 Euro, yoo hoo!
# 117 : Thursday 13-7-2017 @ 13:35
Very nice! And Hamburg is only an hour away if you want to do a day trip.
# 118 : Thursday 13-7-2017 @ 13:59
if you do Flexi bus is a good option
Last time I checked its about 5€ each way if you book online
# 119 : Thursday 13-7-2017 @ 14:28
Im sure the train isnt that expensive.
# 120 : Thursday 13-7-2017 @ 20:07
Thanks for the ideas, hadn't thought of a day trip to Hamburg.
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