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The Cheap Flights Thread.
# 121 : Friday 14-7-2017 @ 00:54
You can't beat a good hamburger.
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# 122 : Tuesday 25-7-2017 @ 23:36
Got three return flights with seats booked to UK, France and Romania for under 200 Euro, thanks Michael, you auld bollox.
# 123 : Wednesday 4-10-2017 @ 18:59
Has anyone used Wow air to go to Iceland and how did you find the experience ?
Thanks in advance
# 124 : Wednesday 4-10-2017 @ 19:09
Someone said :
Has anyone used Wow air to go to Iceland and how did you find the experience ?
Thanks in advance

Would like to hear about this also
# 125 : Wednesday 4-10-2017 @ 23:06
It's a cheap airline. It's basic but gets you there.
# 126 : Wednesday 4-10-2017 @ 23:11
The exeperience of Iceland I meant. What to see and do etc.
Its very expensive.
# 127 : Wednesday 4-10-2017 @ 23:51
Oh right! Yes it is expensive but like any trip you can do it budget style. Reykjavik is a small city with only a population of 100k and has a real town feel to it. It's still got pretty much everything a good city has but it's the landscape around Reykjavik that needs to be explored. The weather can be insane in winter and it gets dark very early in winter so I wouldn't go between November & March.

Alcohol is very expensive but there's an app that lists the times of every pubs happy hour. The pubs are great and the Icelandic are crazy drinkers. Reykjavik on a Saturday night is hopping til 5am.
# 128 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 00:19
Thanks for that.

Would you have to rent a car or could you get by on public transport to see the sights?
# 129 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 00:29
Depends on what you want to see. You could join a guided tour group that sees several sights in a half day.
# 130 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 14:07
Everyone told me that they wanted to leave.
# 131 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 14:55
I'd love to see the Northern Lights there.
# 132 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 15:22
Someone said :
Everyone told me that they wanted to leave.

Why did they say that? From what I've read and heard about it Iceland is a beautiful country. Was it the people?
# 133 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 16:26
I think that's just their dry sarcasm which is particularly acerbic. They bitch and moan about "the Rock" which they call Iceland but at the same time they are very proud of their country.
# 134 : Friday 6-10-2017 @ 12:49
A musician/photographer/extreme tour guide mate of mine does incredibly cool guided tours for a living, I can~t for the life of me find the page for his company, though.

His name is Guðmundur but people call him Gummi.

if I find his tour guide page page will post it on here
# 135 : Friday 6-10-2017 @ 21:57
Dublin to Faro return € November
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