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Irish Amateur Porn
# 1 : Sunday 23-5-2004 @ 20:42
Are there any websites with genuine Irish Porn on them, there is bound to be an Irish voyeurweb around????

No smartass comments please!!!
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# 2 : Sunday 23-5-2004 @ 20:46
can we make bareass comments
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# 3 : Sunday 23-5-2004 @ 23:03
Don't know about the web but there's a couple of porn shops on South William St that sell home-made videos of Irish couples
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# 4 : Monday 24-5-2004 @ 12:22
The only site on the net i can think of that could possibly come under this rubric is :


It has amateur pics of naked Irish men (It also has a sister site 'Dublin Wives')

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# 5 : Friday 2-7-2004 @ 18:21
For fans of rough straight boys, the following website has loads of pics of down-home country boys from Alabama semi-stripped, if that is your thing

(Go to the site and click on "Photography Index")

The photographer claims in his 'Artist Statement' to have a "fascination with images of people", but luckily he seems not to have found too many female people fascinating enough to photograph!
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# 6 : Friday 2-7-2004 @ 22:04
Hi there...

I'm thinking you are probably looking for Irish videos/DVDs as you want to hear the accent as well as see the goods...but if it's photos your after, may I suggest:

Request ireland as your country and you can see some pics.

Have fun!!!!
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# 7 : Friday 2-7-2004 @ 22:44
For those who like naked girls, I'm a big fan of

Nice looking girls, graphic photos!
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# 8 : Friday 2-7-2004 @ 23:07
Is there a way of telling if you are watching an Irish porn star in action
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