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Making Discreet Payments On Gaire
# 1 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 22:05
i would love to join this site but im separating from my wife, i cant join full time at present, but here's a tip, if you can give the option of what the narrative on bank transfer is then we can call join, for example, it comes out as john smith, but if coud choose for esample jen, and leave it at that then i could join and am sure most could do same as me, we got ooops wrong account at worst but no question from transfer (i can help programming there if necessary) but this is what you need to do to improve and excel this site, its great otherwise, but i can log on as member in current state, and think there must be a lot like me sorry if i put this in wrong area but i know administrators look at these
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# 2 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 22:15
I want some of what you're drinking.
# 3 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 22:16
# 4 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 22:28
It's not clear to me what the request is but a private message to Thomas should sort things out.
# 5 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 22:34
not if wife/ex sees bank statements ir if requested by lawyer, so if can narrate then we can fill sories, not a big change, little bit of programming but easy enough done, but it willhelp all on here, also im lonely so text me if you want more
# 6 : Sunday 18-1-2015 @ 23:03
Payments appear as Tom Walsh on your statement. Surely, you could pretend it was a cafe or garage or something? Failing that its possible to buy 3V vouchers and pay that way. Make sure to buy €1 more than you intend to spend and follow the paypal instructions on 3V site.
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