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Dealing With Dying
# 16 : Saturday 24-1-2015 @ 16:25
I think death should be somehow addressed in school or at least in a better way by society, we are all going to age and die, everybody we care for is going to age and die.
sometimes death arrives early, unexpectedly
But otherwise it's old age and death.

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# 17 : Saturday 24-1-2015 @ 20:01
A few people have said that they have been left with the memory of their loved one in their deathbed when they think of them. This is one of the things I don't want. I love my aunt dearly and she was a vivacious person, I don't want to be left with that memory of her not when the others have been so wonderful. She will not remember that I wasn't there but I would. Now if she had no one with her then that would be different but she is surrounded by people at all times, my face will not be missed.
# 18 : Sunday 25-1-2015 @ 01:05
Erytheis you seem to have your mind made up. I guess that is what concerns you most, whether you are making the right decision or not. As long as your aunt has all the care and attention that she needs, everything will be fine. In those final moments I think most people would really crave solitude so that they can let go and drift away peacefully. If im interpreting your previous messages correctly, it seems you have had a very close relationship with your Aunt. You will always have those memories and as time goes by, you can call upon those memories for comfort. You may be surprised if you see her, what benefits it may lead to for everybody concerned. Just make sure you won't have any regrets if you don't see her. I feel for you though, its difficult to know what is best, follow your heart and you won't go too wrong.
# 19 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 14:07
She has just died, so that answers that question.
# 20 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 18:00
I'm sorry for your loss Ery. Remember the good times and take care of yourself.
# 21 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 18:01
My deepest condolences, Ery.
# 22 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 18:16
Sympathy to you on your loss Erytheis.

Great to see you again Intrepid
# 23 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 20:18
Thank you all. It has been a tough few days, yesterday a car fell on my brother in Australia and broke his pelvis and today this. I want 2015 to start over.
# 24 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 22:49
Sorry to hear that Ery.
# 25 : Monday 26-1-2015 @ 22:52
Sorry to hear that Ery. May the journey across the bitter sea to the golden shore be swift and gentle x
# 26 : Tuesday 27-1-2015 @ 03:47
Deepest condolences for your loss, Ery.
# 27 : Tuesday 27-1-2015 @ 07:58
Sorry to hear that Ery - hope your brother pulls through and recovers well
# 28 : Tuesday 27-1-2015 @ 11:52
Condolences Ery. Hope your brother has a swift recovery.
# 29 : Tuesday 27-1-2015 @ 12:14
Sorry to hear that Ery, not a nice start to 2015.
# 30 : Thursday 29-1-2015 @ 23:23
This has been the longest week.
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