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Coming Out To Granny
# 31 : Saturday 2-5-2015 @ 20:31
Someone said :

Or pray to God harder that you might be cured...soon..!

Happened with someone I know..

That sounds horrendous - hope the granny got some sort of help later
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# 32 : Saturday 2-5-2015 @ 20:37
Someone said :

That sounds horrendous - hope the granny got some sort of help later

Yep, more prayers to God....
# 33 : Saturday 2-5-2015 @ 21:02
Poor old cow
# 34 : Sunday 3-5-2015 @ 08:10
Someone said :
Thanks for the support, everyone--I appreciated reading the comments, especially as I was in limbo before she received the letter.

Honest Joe, in fact I recall your story from a previous thread. Your mother sounds wonderful.

Thanks yes my mother was great, 3yrs now and I still miss her, but I still talk to her, and ask for help sometimes, she never fails me even in death. Sounds mad but there you go! Well done mate.
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