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# 871 : Monday 15-1-2018 @ 02:20
The EU nationals ambulance crews are leaving the uk so all the vote leavers who wanted them out will be happy to wait on ambulances and to wait in the nhs because their EU staff are leaving as well.... successful brexit eh!
It's called cutting off your nose to spite your face.
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# 872 : Wednesday 17-1-2018 @ 23:13
Nigel farage accused Ireland of delaying brexit hello how many months after the vote when you all in the UK panicked and ran away did you sit on your hands and do nothing and then how long did the UK parliament waste not knowing what it was doing before a private citizen took them to court to force a decision out of them and then who had an unnecessary election UK gov ....
It's UK incompetence and general laziness ( David davis) and Tory infighting that have delayed brexit and they didn't give a single thought to Ireland until they had to shake he money tree and give a billion for Arlenes votes and then they had to think of Ireland when they were told to.
And Nigel knows that
# 873 : Wednesday 17-1-2018 @ 23:21
Did you tell Nigel this, you two would make a great couple and have one thing in common.
# 874 : Thursday 18-1-2018 @ 14:53
The Tories don't like EU progressive legislation , I wonder why?
They were very happy to take credit for abolishing credit card charges they'll be back post brexit and roaming charges
But EU human rights ..... They don't like so much ...
Neither environmental law ...
Seems the " cunning plan" is they want to have different zones where laws and regulations don't apply
So the Tory elite can live in little gated shires while the Labour proles exist on imported shite food and in smog with no rights
Couple of years and sweatshop Britain awaits
# 875 : Thursday 18-1-2018 @ 22:45
The bayeux tapestry might visit the UK - the brexshitters won't like that it's proof the Normans conquered Anglo Saxon England and they don't like it - the brexshitters love revisionism and pretending the Normans didn't conquer the whole of England - the domesday book begs to differ it was where a small group of French speaking soldiers took over the country took a census imposed taxes and their language.
The angles and Saxons invaded from Germany.
Britain is a migration country with a German queen from a German house and the heir has a Greek dad.
It's curious that the politicians most rabidly anti migrant are from migrant families like farage and johnson- something disturbing going on there.

# 876 : Tuesday 23-1-2018 @ 06:47
BBS says "The last few weeks have been like "dry January" for Brexit-watchers."
ONly a few more days and we can binge on Brexit news again!
Last week officials from both sides held two days of "technical talks", where they discussed issues left over from Phase One.

They talked about turning assurances about the Irish border into reality.

And there's a grab-bag of unsolved problems in a category called "Other Separation Issues" which includes disagreements about monitoring the sale of animal products and how to handle ongoing court cases and police operations.

# 877 : Tuesday 23-1-2018 @ 15:48
It's the same as the last " negotiation" the boys bluster then Brussels tell them how it actually is and they acquiesce and it will be the Norway option because there isn't another one and the UK gov will hope there's collective amnesia .
That's what will happen.
# 878 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 15:12
Oh o the latest political sex scandal could yet bring down the uk gov and derali brexit.
Shower of privileged wankers thought they could grope underpaid waitresses ( proles) and they'd be grateful for it , I mean " it's for charity " I wonder what % raised goes to charity.
Tories politicians and donors are running and screaming for cover , there will be resignations and public apologies and this gov is skating on even thinner ice.
# 879 : Wednesday 24-1-2018 @ 20:17
EU are open to a longer transition period means the actual transition will be 5 or 9 years = Norway option
# 880 : Friday 26-1-2018 @ 00:33
When will we get our Eirexit, we are entitled aren't we?
# 881 : Friday 26-1-2018 @ 07:59
Someone said :
When will we get our Eirexit, we are entitled aren't we?

Like all nation in Europe we are.
I do not believe that apart from the odd-chap in the "east-northern" part of the nation, anyone has actually argued we would have any interest in doing so. The only viable alternative being to re-join a dwindling British Empire...

If you consider the likes of, you can see their delusion in the illustration of their header.

They acknowledge Ireland as a piece of a puzzle, but they consider that they are as important a piece as Europe itself. Britain can aspire to such delusions of grandeur... but Ireland ought to be more realistic.
# 882 : Friday 26-1-2018 @ 20:30
Someone said :
When will we get our Eirexit, we are entitled aren't we?

Why let's see how brexit goes and then we'll think about it ...
# 883 : Friday 26-1-2018 @ 20:40
David Davis was asked when their parliament would see the legal texts for what the U.K. gov agreed with the EU on Phase one and he said he hoped that wouldn't come up so they're in denial on what they legally agreed to so when they meet for the start of phase 2 and that's the transition which hasn't been formally agreed yet David Davis and the U.K. Gov will be brought to accept what they agreed and all of their hot air and bouncy positions then will be over .
# 884 : Tuesday 30-1-2018 @ 11:23
Oh oh leaked uk gov cabinet paper shows brexit has NO upside and will damage economy in every scenario ; it's just how much at this stage.

And just as the brexshitters are swallowing that bitter pill Michel Barnier told them publicly like a schoolteacher lecturing a naughty pupil ( did ya hear that boris) that the issues where just sufficient progress had been made in phase 1 haven't gone away and there will be no Transition if there isn't more progress so and I'm paraphrasing get your shit together and do some work.
# 885 : Thursday 1-2-2018 @ 11:50
Teresa is suddenly no wait after Donald told her she should be all tough an shit with da EU she is picking a squabble saying EU citizens arriving in da uk during the transition ( and remember she agreed all this for phase 1) won't have the same rights .
Why is she doing that?
Apart from the Donald it's an internal party political thing - they want her head.

For the uk it's shit because she's welching publicly on an international deal she made how do they expect to make trade or any other types of deals ???
It's also totes ridic because she will back down .

Brexit will hurt the uk economy in every scenario the uk gov have agreed that - but they like pain the masochistic gnuts
Every sector of uk business / industry wants EU immigration to continue post brexit and stopping it would hurt the uk economy .
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