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# 1366 : Wednesday 19-12-2018 @ 10:40
Funny that, coming from you and I should be able to visit every thread without putting up with the Toxicity of you.
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# 1367 : Wednesday 19-12-2018 @ 12:56
Someone said :
Funny that, coming from you and I should be able to visit every thread without putting up with the Toxicity of you.

You are unable to visit threads without crying to the administrator that they should be locked even though you post your brains out in them on anything that pops into your head while also whining about your mental health ...
# 1368 : Wednesday 19-12-2018 @ 12:58
They're making a movie about brexit
# 1369 : Wednesday 19-12-2018 @ 13:20
Locked until Jan 2nd.

Merry Christmas
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# 1370 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 11:25
Leo varadker speaks german that's so sexy
# 1371 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 11:26
Ah hello sfiderman
# 1372 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 11:29
Someone said :
Ah hello sfiderman

He's back, getting high on his addiction!
# 1373 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 11:35
Someone said :

He's back, getting high on his addiction!

And you are getting high on me
# 1374 : Tuesday 8-1-2019 @ 17:25
I don't think the chaos surprises anyone


Driving 87 lorries around the countryside was a kind of mad exercise considering 10000 lorries pass through Dover every day .
They think the backup will be 6 days minimum.

Did you see the dup are complaining about the Tory immigration policy, they want a different one for NI, sort of puts a lie again on their " we want to be the same as the UK "
Because they want to be different .
# 1375 : Wednesday 9-1-2019 @ 00:13
I'm amazed about the discussion on reunification that's happening now, If there's a referendum north there will be one south and then results and then reunificatiin or not.
We don't be changing our constitution or anything and of course if we are it will require a referendum, that's what happens when you have a written constitution.
# 1376 : Wednesday 9-1-2019 @ 23:41
The nervous breakdown shitstorm continues
# 1377 : Thursday 10-1-2019 @ 19:05
Boris in Dublin I wonder what would have happened if he hadnt run away after they won the referendum ? They'll never know
# 1378 : Friday 11-1-2019 @ 12:01
I'm looking forward to seeing their plan B which must be presented this time next week woo hoo
Brexit department lights will be on over the weekend
# 1379 : Friday 11-1-2019 @ 13:13
Police in the UK have advised food stores to hire extra staff in case of brexit panic buying !
As their food supply chains break down so ours will face delays .
What foods will you miss?
What foods will you stockpile?
What food foods would you panic buy? Have a fight in a supermarket for?
# 1380 : Friday 11-1-2019 @ 18:50
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