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Metalheads United
# 1 : Wednesday 8-7-2015 @ 23:51
I think it's about time we reintroduced a Metal thread into Gaire.

Might as well start with this interesting news from today's Guardian.

Metal fans are happier than everyone else

The Guardian reports

Study of 80s metalheads finds that they turn out to be better adjusted than those who listened to other music

“Metal health will drive you mad,” insisted Quiet Riot on the title track of the first heavy metal album to top the Billboard charts, back in 1983. It turns out they weren’t just a little wide of the mark, but completely wrong – because a new study has found 80s metalheads “were significantly happier in their youth, and better adjusted currently” than their peers, and current college students.

Three Decades Later: The Life Experiences and Mid-Life Functioning of 1980s Heavy Metal Groupies, Musicians and Fans – published in the journal Self and Identity (via Pacific Standard) – found that while “metal enthusiasts did often experience traumatic and risky ‘sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll’ lives, … the metalhead identity also served as a protective factor against negative outcomes.”

The study looked at 377 adults: 154 who had been metal fans, musicians or groupies in the 80s, 80 who listened to different music at the time, and 153 California college students.

It turned out that the metalheads “reported higher levels of youthful happiness” than the other groups and “they were also less likely to have any regrets about things they had done in their youth.” There was a caveat, in which it was explained that the survey featured those who were happy to report on their lives, while those who had fallen by the wayside were less likely to participate in the survey.

The key to the metal fans progressing to happy adulthood, the paper suggests: metal’s famed sense of community. “Social support is a crucial protective factor for troubled youth,” the reserachers wrote. “Fans and musicians alike felt a kinship in the metal community, and a way to experience heightened emotions with like-minded people.”

The irony of the study is that metal was considered to be corrosive to moral values and social integration in the 1980s, with groups such as Tipper Gore’s PMRC leading campaigns against it. Judas Priest even found themselves in court, after accusations that their album Stained Class contained subliminal messages that led two young men to kill themselves in 1985.

And now the tunage!

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# 2 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 00:40
May not be metal,but this drives me mental,brilliant lyrics.
# 3 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 00:46
That's fine, not Metal per se but has some fuzzy guitars and noisy bits so I'll allow it.
# 4 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 00:59
Big Black's "Kerosene" is without doubt the greatest song on the topic of boredom relief through the process of self immolation ever written.
# 5 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 01:09
Someone said :
Big Black's "Kerosene" is without doubt the greatest song on the topic of boredom relief through the process of self immolation ever written.


And now for some atmospheric Metal.

# 6 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 01:39
# 7 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 01:56

That thread is shit and hasn't be posted into in ages.

Also when S4 posted that we still had my original, Metal thread! Also, let's not dilute Metal with "rock".
# 8 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 02:52
Portuguese Metallers Moonspell:

By far the most popular Portuguese Metal band, at home or abroad. They even managed to score a number 1 spot in the national album charts once.


Italian Classical Death Metallers
# 9 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 07:50
Did someone say Cascadian Black Metal? No? have some anyway!

# 10 : Thursday 9-7-2015 @ 20:27
Dublin's own Primordial, the biggest Irish Metal band of the last few years, unfortunately still getting more recognition abroad than at home, but that's always been the way with most Irish artists and indeed from other countries too.

Moonspell had to sign to a French label before anyone paid any attention to them back home.

Anyway, Primordial are my absolute favourite band and in a league of their own as far as I'm concerned.

Borders swell like the oceans
Nations swept away
In the steel rain
Wounds carved in the earth
The silent hands of genocide
Map the years
Forgotten legacies of dust
People remembered in nothing
But fragments of language
Verses of song
And shards of military rust
The gallows cold hands
Tighten old rope
Young men hang in the fetid breeze
Like rotten fruit
Too ripe for harvest
They have marched us
Through the streets
Heralded our death
Proclaimed our end
And brought us to our knees
A host of the willing few
Is gathered at the Traitors Gates
Demanding their pound of flesh
And their weight in gold
The tyrant
Resurrected as King
Who's Midas touch an Iron Fist
All the world proclaiming
Yesterday's man as Traitor
Yet welcome with open arms
His brother as tomorrows Dictator

# 11 : Sunday 12-7-2015 @ 07:18
An absolute stone-cold classic! Det som engang var (What once was)

[English translation:]

Between the bushes we stared
At those who reminded us of another age
And told that hope was away
We heard elven song and
Water that trickled

What once was is now
All the blood
All the longing and pain that
And the emotions that could be stirred
Are away

We are not dead
We have never lived
# 12 : Tuesday 14-7-2015 @ 17:44

Moonspell's even darker side: Daemonarch. Basically, the same band minus the drummer (replaced by an efficient drum machine) and with more obscure, occult lyrics which F. Ribeiro burnt after completing the album and were never published as he deemed them too personal. It hasn't stopped some fans to try and decipher the growls and note down the lyrics. Here we have the only album in its entirety, released in 1998.
# 13 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 17:33
This is my go-to album for when I'm crafting or drawing something.

'Blackwater Park' by Opeth

Progressive Death metal which really showcases their nuanced talents and the spectrum of death metal music in itself.
# 14 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 17:38
More Opeth in this post. Clean vocals and light music this time.

While Metal (umbrella term) is not as palatable for some folks, I usually give this song as an example that death metal bands like Opeth give testament to themselves as musicians in that they don't limit their endeavours to wall-of-sound heaviness and at times tribute the kind of good rock music that also inspired them.

If you like 70s progressive rock ballads, then give this little tune a shot.

# 15 : Wednesday 15-7-2015 @ 17:59
Hello Mr O, great to see you on here again, you handsome devil!

I love Opeth too, though lately I've fallen a bit out of love with them. What made Opeth for me was the combination of heavy growling and fuzzy, heavy guitars with the clean, quieter acoustic bits.

When they dropped the Death Metal it just didn't really do it for me, I still bought Heritage and I do enjoy occasionally but I rarely feel the urge to listen to Opeth nowadays, though I'm hoping to see them soon when they play in Frankfurt.
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