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Metalheads United
# 166 : Tuesday 29-12-2015 @ 23:09

Can you find the pand in the Black Metal crowd?
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# 167 : Friday 1-1-2016 @ 17:42

Keep on rocking on the other side.

December 24, 1945 - December 28, 2015
# 168 : Tuesday 5-1-2016 @ 21:21

Listening to this surprisingly good Syrian Metal band.

A Syrian Couchsurfer gave me this album weeks ago but only listening to it properly now.
# 169 : Sunday 10-1-2016 @ 09:56

If the stars fall down on me,
And the sun refused to shine,
Then may the shackles be undone,
May all the old words cease to rhyme,
If the sky turned into stone,
It will matter not at all,
For there is no heaven in the sky,
Hell does not wait for our downfall!

Let the voice of reason chime,
Let the friars vanish for all time,
God's face is hidden, all unseen,
You can't ask him,
What it all means,
He was never on your side,
God was never on your side,
Let right or wrong alone decide,
God was never on your side.

See ten thousand ministries,
See the holy, righteous dogs,
They claim to heal,
But all they do is steal,
Abuse your faith,
Cheat and rob,

If god is wise,
Why is he still,
When these false prophets,
Call him friend,
Why is he silent,
Is he blind?!
Are we abandoned in the end?

Let the sword of reason shine,
Let us be free of prayer and shrine,
God's face is hidden, turned way,
He never has a word to say,
He was never on your side,
God was never on your side,
Let right or wrong alone decide!
God was never on your side!
No, no, no!

(Guitar solo)

He was never on your side,
God was never on your side,
Never on your side!
Never on your side!
God was never on your side,
Never on your side...

# 170 : Saturday 16-1-2016 @ 11:15
Just for Frodo (especially if he ever gets to have a child)

# 171 : Saturday 16-1-2016 @ 12:50
Someone said :
Just for Frodo (especially if he ever gets to have a child)

Thanks! Loved that bear, such a badass!
# 172 : Sunday 6-3-2016 @ 19:18
# 173 : Friday 9-9-2016 @ 06:29

Black fucking Metal, bitches!!!!
# 174 : Tuesday 20-9-2016 @ 08:12

Wind stirs nigh brings rain to cleanse
Winter now converges,
Drenched in all its blackness.
The last stalks of light are devoured,
Shadows wade through filth with gestures far too wide
And so they march on hallowed ground.
History repeating,
Behavior that has been burned into the bone.
# 175 : Wednesday 28-9-2016 @ 00:06
# 176 : Saturday 22-10-2016 @ 07:40
# 177 : Thursday 3-11-2016 @ 13:05
# 178 : Saturday 26-11-2016 @ 20:49
# 179 : Friday 2-12-2016 @ 23:24
# 180 : Saturday 3-12-2016 @ 12:25
Some news:

Lemmy Kilmister didn't make the cut at the IUPAC, and none of the four names for the newly 'discovered'/created chemical elements is lemmium. The proposal was that the new element 115 (a heavy metal (geddit?)) would be named after him, but that element has officially been dubbed Moscovium.

You may now return to your music.

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