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Metalheads United
# 256 : Monday 14-8-2017 @ 21:27
16:40 into this, Elif Shafak discusses her love of metal. And in Dublin, to boot. She loves progressive, industrial, and Gothic.

(I never knew that Gothic metal discusses the dialectics of life.)

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# 257 : Sunday 20-8-2017 @ 11:43

Only the poor sound prodution prevents this extreme symphonic slab of Metal from being a masterpiece
# 258 : Saturday 9-9-2017 @ 20:10
Lying on the sand I let my spirit disappear
From this world
Fly away from you

I wished my mind
Could wander without pain
To the gleaming shelters
Hidden somewhere in the sun

Far away from this world
Far away from you

Lying on the sand I hear
The distant singing sea
And stare at lonely clouds
Fading above me
I wished my mind could join them
I wished my mind could wander free

# 259 : Saturday 23-9-2017 @ 15:03

[Desember '91]

En ukjent stemme kalte
Fra tårnet hvor ingen bodde
Fra bortenfor skogen
Hvor intet levde

Et rop i drømmen så skjønt
Som stemmen til dronningen av natten

Vi våknet og så månen
Delvis dekket av dystre skyer

Det var kaldt og vått
Paa vår ferd inn i riket
Av ufødte tanker
Endelig kan vi se hva som kalte
For vi fulgte den stemmen in natt...

[english translation:]

An unknown voice called
From the tower, in which none lived
Beyond the forest
In that nothing lived

A call in the dream so beautiful
Like the voice of the queen of the night

We awoke and saw the moon
Partly covered from dark clouds

It was cold and wet
On our travel into the realm
The unborn thoughts
Finally we can see, what called us
Because we followed the voice tonight...
# 260 : Sunday 28-10-2018 @ 11:35
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