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Gay And Practicing Religious
# 1 : Friday 10-7-2015 @ 21:05
In this day of breaking the Ramadan, a certain emphasis is put on the gay Muslims who try to be as good as they can at practicing their faith.

They are joined by gay Catholics, or gay Jews, or gays from other faiths who are struggling with the backward teachings of clerics of their respective faiths, and the deep certainty that the gods that they worship are not as bigoted as the clerics who abuse their position to enforce their perversions.

Do you feel practicing religious gays are wasting their time, or that like any members of their faiths they live their faith in the real world, and have more trusts in their repective gods than in the vicious clerics who poke their perverted noses in bedrooms they do not belong in?

Being a practicing gay and a practicing "believer" takes more courage in some cultures or in some religions where the murderous instincts of their respective clerics can be deeper and more effective, than in more pacificed religions which know they have lost the battle of modernity.
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# 2 : Friday 10-7-2015 @ 22:11
Muslims are the same as anyone else they aint perfect. One Muslin gal I knew would bang back the booze and pay a fine to absolve herself and she paid a lot of fines, she also done an insurance job on... well lets leave it at that. They are human
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