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The New Housing Crisis
# 76 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 05:59
Yes JK but lets face it - ideologically Fine Gael are opposed to the state building large scale socisl housing. FG still believe in the market prevailing.
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# 77 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 07:05
Someone said :
Yes JK but lets face it - ideologically Fine Gael are opposed to the state building large scale socisl housing. FG still believe in the market prevailing.

Yes, I agree completely and it appears that neither FG or FF are willing to commit to a large scale social housing programme despite all the promises made by Coveney when he was Minister for Housing. Utterly empty rhetoric. I wonder just how many TDs are landlords? Probably quite a few. I don't think TDs should be landlords as it is a clear conflict of interest. The current govt are in the pocket of property developers and landlords. Much of the electorate dint particularly care about those in dire need of housing - only about their property prices maintaining an upward trajectory.

I suspect that a Coalition govt with Labour in a strong position with a housing Minister might action a decent social housing programme, but that may be wishful thinking. The Shinners might make noises about a "fair" housing system, but I would fear that their policies if they got into a coalition with FF would make things worse.

One thing is sure, with Thatcher acolyte Varadkar as Taoiseach, the free market will remain the priority and the crisis will worsen. Will it take mass protests for things to happen?

Did anyone see the Prime Time exposé about slum landlords in Dublin making obscene profits off immigrants desperate for housing and living in unsafe and overcrowded run down housing? Depressing and despicable and a symptom of all that is wrong with the housing situation.
# 78 : Thursday 1-2-2018 @ 19:27
Well, a month into 2018 and the housing crisis just gets worse and worse. The slum landlord has returned with a vengeance.

Anyone looked at DAFT lately? It’s depressing and would make you angry. Some of the properties advertised online for private rental are a complete scandal - tiny places like converted garages and sheds but given the pressured housing market in the capital, they are snapped up. Some so-called landlords have the sheer gall to put several beds into one room and advertise these as “room shares.” I suspect these are taken up by immigrants who want somewhere quickly and don’t know their rights as tenants under the law. Disgraceful!

Take a look at this pic below for instance. A kettle, microwave and fridge in a f*cking wardrobe. The slumlord is looking for €650 per month, in inner suburban Dublin.
# 79 : Thursday 1-2-2018 @ 23:05
I used to stay in places like that years ago. But at the time I was grateful for what I had. Had some good times in them actually. Yes some days were mlserable when you had no money and the walls were closing in on you. There was always a weeping chair though!

I paid extra for an ensuite as I didn't want to share a bathroom. Most of my wages went on it and it was very difficult to make ends meet but I just had to.
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