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Vaping Safer Than Smoking, Says Public Health England
# 16 : Tuesday 25-8-2015 @ 12:05
Yea, I can't say it was any real achievement as I didn't smoke all the time anyway but glad I no longer have the inclination.
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# 17 : Wednesday 26-8-2015 @ 06:43
I smoked for 24 years, on and off (mostly on!). From age 13 to 37. I quit in 2012, it was no big decision I run out of tobacco (always smoked rollies) and couldn't be arsed going to the shops and just decided to stop that crap there and then. I binned the rest of my smoking stuff (filters, papers,...) and never looked back.

Not long after I joined a gym and also that summer I stayed mostly outdoors, drinking by the river and never in bars. Never once felt the urge to smoke, quite the opposite. Pretty soon I developed an aversion to smoke bordering on a phobia.

I gag at the smallest whiff of cigarette smoke and the stale stench of it on a smoker makes me sick to my stomach.

In Germany smoking is still allowed in some bars, it's fucking ridiculous, but the cigarette industry is really powerful here (advertising cigarettes is still allowed and widespread!), so there's little chance this will change anytime soon.

Unfortunately for me, Metal bars tend to be smoking. I fucking hate it. A couple of hours in one of them is the most I can take and then I feel like shit the rest of the weekend.

There's an Alternative monthly gay night here but it's also smoking, so only been once and had to leave early and still felt rotten the next day.
# 18 : Wednesday 26-8-2015 @ 09:50
Vaping zero % since Monday morning when that was the only strength liquid I could purchase. Have a bit of a headache alright today and my head is buzzing a bit. I'm getting some sort of hit or pleasure from the zero % liquid.
# 19 : Wednesday 26-8-2015 @ 22:22
Well that's not good. Maybe you need to find another brand?
# 20 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:02
Healthier, and so much cheaper!
# 21 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 13:33
But for how long? The cheap part, I mean.
# 22 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 14:38
Someone said :
But for how long? The cheap part, I mean.

Long term: e-liquid is concentrated = lower shipping and storage costs.
Consider the bulk and weight of the tobacco containing the same amount of nicotine as 100ml e-liquid. Add the filters and the packaging of cigarettes.

Tobacco will keep becoming more expensive, especially as it becomes less popular.

So mechanically it will remain cheaper than smoking... even when it is less cheap than it is now.
# 23 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 23:35
Just wait until the Government slaps a 90% tax on it.
# 24 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 23:37
Its not exactly bulky so buying a years supply when abroad is no problem
# 25 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 16:22
Someone said :
Just wait until the Government slaps a 90% tax on it.

It will never be taxed more than cigarettes: even with the same amount of tax, it will still be cheaper.
And the likelihood is that it will never be taxed more than nicotine supplements/replacements like patches and gums.
# 26 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 19:06
Someone said :
Well that's not good. Maybe you need to find another brand?

It is good Tom! I've gone from puffing 18% nicotine liquid to zero % nicotine liquid. I think I was getting the dt's for a day or 2 but I'm grand now.
I don't have a mad craving for the nicotine liquid now but I'm still puffing away at the zero % liquid.
If I can get past 3 weeks without nicotine I might have the habit beaten again.
# 27 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 19:10
Vaping zero nicotine is as good as it gets, and you also get the buzz of still smoking - as such
# 28 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 19:42
Oh sorry 19%, I thought zero was a brand name and you were getting headaches from their product. Didn't realise it was a withdrawal thing
# 29 : Thursday 10-12-2015 @ 19:25
Still Vaping the zero % nicotine liquid.
Much less frequently than before.
Only bad side effect is I'm after gaining an extra stone in weight at least.
# 30 : Thursday 10-12-2015 @ 21:22
Everyone seems to be getting into vaping these days. I plan to give it a go in the new year.
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