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Are Smokers Selfish Ignorant Littering Bastards, Or Free Spirits?
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# 1 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:12
I am not a smoker, I have never been, because I value my freedom too much, and also because I am lucky to not be prone to addiction.

Yesterday I saw a disgusting young woman at the bus stop, who felt it was OK to litter: she threw her cigarette butt in the curb drain. Out of sight, out of her fucking mind!

She was oblivious to the passive smoking she was slowly killing us with. We all lost 1h of life because of her. (Some might say she deserves a medal for reducing my life-span. Some people are just thick)
She pretended to ignore that she was polluting a significant amount of water by throwing her non-biodegradable butt in our water treatment system.

She knows she is not suppose to throw it in the street, so she throws it under the street, thinking that it is OK.

This is only one example of how deeply selfish most smokers are.
I am in the process of forming the opinion that most smokers are on average more selfish than the non-smokers. (And to a lesser extent than the reformed smokers, who quit or moved to vaping)
Which means that their selfishness is part of the reason they started smoking in the first place, and kept smoking. Not the main reason, but a substantial contributor.
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# 2 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:16
My neighbours upstairs are always throwing their cigarettes out the window onto my front door.

I think that leaving littering aside, most smokers are not selfish but just addicted and need help. My late platonic friend Colm died of lung cancer about 2 years ago from decades of smoking.

I have never smoked as I feared cancer but also heard it ages people. However in personal experience I have known smokers who didn't look their age, including the late Colm (but he spent hours every day exercising).
# 3 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:25
I work in Eastpoint Business Park and every Wednesday there is a food market on site at lunchtime.

I was passing through all the stalls yesterday coming back from lunch. It was busy with lots of food being prepared, and one woman in the queue was puffing away without a care in the world oblivious to her surroundings. One of the staff members behind the stalls actually gave out to her and told her to move elsewhere. A dirty look was thrown back before she moved.

Most mornings I am at my bus stop at 6:30am to head to work and I see the same person there every morning chain smoking at least 3 cigarettes in the space of about 10 minutes before the 145 arrives. He stinks of cigarette smoke and this smell then filters out to the bus when he goes on it. Thankfully he sits on the lower deck.
# 4 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:31
Perhaps adolescent smokers are more selfish because of being spoiled during the Celtic Tiger? Just speculating. However the late Colm always went outside when he smoked and he was 54 when he died.
# 5 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:50
I think most smokers are considerate these days unless they are just scummy to begin with.
# 6 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 12:56
My brother recently took up smoking again after being off them for about 3 years. His girlfriend is trying to make him kick the habit again.
# 7 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 13:05
I hope Blah doesn't work in research.
# 8 : Thursday 27-8-2015 @ 23:02
Most people have a bit of cop on and make sure not to suffocate a random stranger in public, tho every now and again (especially at bus stops) I meet one, that seems intent on giving me pleurisy amongst their globivoric mist of death.
# 9 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 16:25
Someone said :
I think most smokers are considerate these days unless they are just scummy to begin with.

I do not, so I do not have to pretend I do not have a point of view, nor do I have to pretend to present balanced views on topics where the balance is clearly tilted.
# 10 : Friday 28-8-2015 @ 19:17
Most street bins have 'stub and bin it' parts on them - except for the one outside of John Lewis in Brent Cross which I set fire to by not stubbing it out properly
# 11 : Sunday 30-8-2015 @ 02:19
Someone said :
Most street bins have 'stub and bin it' parts on them - except for the one outside of John Lewis in Brent Cross which I set fire to by not stubbing it out properly

Quit arsin' abaht in Landan you. Cigs have hundreds of carcinogenics,vapes have four relatively harmless ingredients,case closed.
# 12 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 10:50
Someone said :
Most people have a bit of cop on and make sure not to suffocate a random stranger in public[...]

Not puffing their smoke in our faces do not make them "not selfish", just less obviously so.

My point is not that most smokers are "selfish smokers". It is that they are more often than not "selfish people". In general.
Which can be extended to most addicts.

Both addiction (especially socially acceptable ones) and deeply seeded selfishness have a keystone in common: immediate ratification.

I opine that smokers tend to be more selfish people in everyday life.
(And having a generous aunt who chain smoked is not "evidence" that 100% of smokers are in fact generous!)

I have not positively infer that it is the case. I just share my unsubstantiated feeling that it is. Which goes a long way to explain that I find it very hard to trust a smoker in general.

Maybe this thread should have been called "can you trust a smoker"?
I feel they are less trustworthy than a politician, or worse, a hair-dresser.
# 13 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 10:58
I smoked for 23 years and now, over 5 years after I spontaneously quit, I find smoking abhorrent. Hate it with a passion bordering on phobia.
# 14 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 11:05
But that does not answer the question.

Do you feel that your smoking habit correlated with a certain sense of entitled selfishness above average? (And maybe that you are either less selfish now, or just as selfish but have more control on your addiction, or stopped when the immediate gratification became too ungratifying?)

Do you now perceive that smokers are, in other ways, more selfish, in general. Or not?
# 15 : Saturday 14-10-2017 @ 11:23
I wouldn't necessarily say selfish but certainly inconsiderate, yes. You kid yourself that putting a cigarette out on the ground and leaving it there is not really littering or that people around you aren't bothered by your smoke.

I was very fortunate in that it was incredibly easy for me to stop. I juts ran out of tobacco one day and was thinking of going to the shop but then changed my mind and threw away everything I had that was smoke related. Haven't touched it since and began hating smoking since then. I can't stand bars where people smoke, which unfortunately can still be found in Portugal and parts of Germany.
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