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Making Wine?
# 61 : Thursday 29-10-2015 @ 15:34
Should be grand to - if you are going to bottle it and there's still a bit of life in it, its really worth just getting a flip top bottle rather then corking it (Though I always cork if its a long stay - as it just seems to settle better) as it might help avoid anything too messy.

I give wine as gifts too - people really seem to appreciate it. I'm starting my St Patricks day bottles next week
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# 62 : Wednesday 4-11-2015 @ 17:23
So I've bottled it and got 7 bottles which is not bad for a first attempt.

I had a half a glass just to taste. It does taste very alcoholic and its quite dry! Does the taste change much over the say 6 weeks in storage?
# 63 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 08:51
Depends on the wine but blackberry seems to keep itself well enough - sometimes softening out over the first few weeks, especially as its not too high in tannin etc.

Fair play - sounds like an excellent first attempt!
# 64 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 13:32
There is about 2 cm of sediment at the bottom of each bottle. should I get rid of that although it is very fine?

Sorry for so many questions!

# 65 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 17:54
Not a bother - sure its your first time making it

2cm is a bit much - but shouldn't have anything drastic with a short stay.

If you fancy getting it out - do you have a siphon tube or anything that would work as one? You could just siphon it out of the bottles, back into a main carboy - wash out the sediment and refill.

If not, just be sure to pour the wine out gently when it comes to enjoying and be a bit more wary of the last glass
# 66 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 18:01
I'll siphon it so! I have extra bottles so its no problem and would take less than an hour to so all 7 bottles.

# 67 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 22:18
Siphoned 7 bottles down to 6 bottles and there is no sediment so delighted with that!
# 68 : Thursday 5-11-2015 @ 23:07

Be sure to keep them in a cool area - just in case the yeast is a fighter

Love the label!
# 69 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 17:37
With the success of my first attempt at wine, I think I'm going to make some cider as I've a huge bag of apples that I'm not in the mood to eat. Would ordinary baking yeast be okay? I have a packet of red wine yeast but want to keep that.
# 70 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 19:10
What type of apples?

Using bread yeast works - but it makes 'Hard' cider, which can be a bit rough (usually softens after a good few months however) and very cloudy.

If you plan on using the wine yeast soon you can always cultivate it for extended use.

Worst case scenario if things turn, you could just prime it towards apple cider vinegar and gift it away
# 71 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 19:23
I have Golden delicious and Gala (whatever they are but they are sweet). I might just use the red wine yeast and make 6/7 bottles and keep it. Would that be better than the bread yeast?

No interest in apple vinegar.
# 72 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 19:36
Someone said :
I have Golden delicious and Gala (whatever they are but they are sweet). I might just use the red wine yeast and make 6/7 bottles and keep it. Would that be better than the bread yeast?

No interest in apple vinegar.

Def. better the bread yeast - and should make it far more well rounded. Though expect a far longer death time, a cider tends to keep going for a while
# 73 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 19:38
Cool! I'll give it a go so!
# 74 : Thursday 19-11-2015 @ 19:51
Someone said :
Cool! I'll give it a go so!

Keep us in the know
# 75 : Thursday 14-1-2016 @ 15:41
How did this go?

Starting a rowan berry wine tonight
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