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Making Wine?
# 76 : Thursday 14-1-2016 @ 16:10
I didn't make it as I was too busy with something at the time but intend to make some wine in the next couple of months, just don't know what yet. Something fruity and fresh for the summer.

Rowan berries are the white berries? What do they taste like?
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# 77 : Thursday 14-1-2016 @ 17:00
Dry and sweet. Makes a nice palate cleanser.

The berries are red and the wine (or jelly) have a wonderful scarlet colour - rowan also goes by the name mountain ash and although most have turned now, usually very easy to find as very few birds will eat them.
# 78 : Wednesday 14-2-2018 @ 15:19
Have been brewing a couple of litres of Cinnamon beer for the last month, just bottled it and leaving it for another couple of weeks to secondary ferment. Going to start a new more savoury batch.
# 79 : Wednesday 14-2-2018 @ 18:55
That's some Silence of the Lambs colour right there. I'm guessing it turns to a lovely amber when ready?

# 80 : Wednesday 14-2-2018 @ 20:40
It's the cinnamon and cloves that makes it that colour and that's pretty much the final colour. It smells and tastes absolutely amazing.
# 81 : Wednesday 14-2-2018 @ 22:53
The colour would put me off. Can you clarify it in the same way you can cloudy wine, or would that just make it look stranger?
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