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Erotic Art - Where Are The Boundaries?
# 1 : Monday 14-9-2015 @ 22:52
A few months ago I moved into a new place and I've been putting up pictures and artwork. I have themes for each room - prints and abstract art and landscapes in my living room and hall, my degrees/graduation pics in my home office and erotic art - tasteful black and white nudes - in my bedroom.

But selecting and putting up these latter pictures made me think. What actually constitutes erotic art?

I would consider the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Jeff Palmer, Tom Bianchi, Paul Freeman, Michael Breyette, Roger Payne et al. to be erotic art but others would rate it as soft porn. Indeed some erotic arists/photographers have really pushed the boundaries - like Tom Bianchi and Roger Payne who show sexual acts between models.

So - what do you consider to be erotic art and to be pornography? Is there a fine line or is it blurred?

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# 2 : Monday 14-9-2015 @ 23:15
I suppose it's the age old argument of art versus pornography. Personally I don't think maplethorpe is particularly erotic. His photography is very physical and stylised but erotic? Nah.
# 3 : Monday 14-9-2015 @ 23:33
I reckon erection vs flaccid is a good example of a strong boundary between porn and art.
# 4 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 00:12

this is a good topic.. i love the great cartoon art of the vintage era 40's 50's... please add them .... they are sexy but not too porn. that google is what i mean...
# 5 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 12:02
There was an exhibition in Limerick Art Gallery about ten years ago with a Japanese artist who photographed women in the erotic japanese art of Shibari (bound). It was a strictly over 18's exhibition which is rare and it was pretty full on. Definitely erotic!
# 6 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 12:11
I don't think I've ever see a nude on someone's wall that I would consider tasteful. Wouldn't find them erotic either.
# 7 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 20:30
Someone said :
I don't think I've ever see a nude on someone's wall that I would consider tasteful. Wouldn't find them erotic either.

What about this?

Its art. Its beautiful.
# 8 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 20:31
It's not erotic though!
# 9 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 20:35
Someone said :
It's not erotic though!

To anyone? I know I am a gay male but I grew up watching porn with straight males and I'm still a person. In my perspective it has a sexual energy.
# 10 : Tuesday 15-9-2015 @ 20:40
Of course anything can be erotic to an individual so saying its not erotic is hardly a truism but the photograph has more of a sculptural aesthetic than one that plays with eroticism.
# 11 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 01:00
did you see my link ??? pinup art 50's..... any comments on those pics??? i find them very erotic, but maybe thats not what you are talking about ???
# 12 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 02:47
Your link says "cartoons of the 40's". Far from erotic! Wrong link I'm guessing?
# 13 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 05:46
ok .. point taken .... here is the same pics from the same era

http://socialphy.com/original-40s50s-pin-ups-images-gil-elvgreen- etc ...
# 14 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 05:56
look up youtube. ' pin up art 50's rockabilly.. some great videos of what im talking about
# 15 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 10:36
Nah, the Grace Jones thing is creepy to me and the pin up 'art' is imagery of what should be a bygone era. The women look vulnerable in them and I find that quite disturbing.
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