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Plates V Slates?
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# 1 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 16:26
So there seems to be a little backlash on twitter about some of the strange ways food is served these days and rightly so. My mother was once served fish and chips in a small tin bucket which really was form over function as it was impossible to eat.

Do you mind food being served on slates/boards/cans/tins, do you see it as protentious or is it fine?

http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2015/sep/16/plates-slates etc ...
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# 2 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 16:29
My other half hates it! I dont mind too much but I think its a little pretentious. Bit of a fad that will probably be gone in 5 years. I havnt seen many slates, mostly wooden boards and little baskets for chips. Invariably they are always small portions of whatever is on the board or in the basket.
# 3 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 16:32
I don't mind boards but I abhor slates. It looks dirty and I've a slate kitchen floor so its like eating off the floor. Also the sound cutting into slates is annoying.
# 4 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 16:33
I have seen "pint of prawns" in one or two places. I got it once and its what it says on the tin - a pint glass full of prawns chilled and in their shells.
# 5 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 17:07
That's not too bad as it's hand food anyways.
# 6 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 17:43
I don't mind the boards but I hate the slates. Same reason - the sound of the knife and fork on it. Really I just want my food on the plate.

My other gripe is this hot stone bullshit for steaks where you basically cook your own steak (for the same price) umm no thank you. If I wanted to cook my own dinner I would have stayed at home.
# 7 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 19:44
# 8 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 20:38
I've been to Dublin 3 times since I moved to Frankfurt, it does seem sometimes that Hipsters have taken over the city... O.o
# 9 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 21:21
Wooden boards don't bother me provided they're covered with greaseproof paper or something...they can be so unhygienic. One of my friends always sends back food served on a board...she's convinced she got food poisoning from one before.
# 10 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 21:37
Never seen or heard of a board covered with grease proof paper.
# 11 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 21:51
I hate tiny portions on huge big plates.
# 12 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 22:16
Someone said :
Never seen or heard of a board covered with grease proof paper.

I've been served food in a couple of places which is on a small square of greaseproof paper to prevent contact with the board. Certainly makes more sense from a hygiene point of view.
# 13 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 22:21
Just give the dishwashers their jobs back.
# 14 : Saturday 16-1-2016 @ 16:25
I've noticed that slates are becoming a lot less common now thankfully.
# 15 : Saturday 16-1-2016 @ 16:29
hey I'm a slatewasher, I gotta work too.
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