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Plates V Slates?
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# 31 : Wednesday 5-10-2016 @ 20:16
Someone said :
That's nothing new, had it in Portugal years ago. My little brother loved it. I think it's pretty gross though.

Defo it had even reached the backwoods of Portlaoise where I was even served in such a way at my 21st in Portlaoise (which is tragically too long ago).

I'm in two minds about it myself. I do sort of feel like 'I'm paying you to cook my food' but also I did like the ability to have it 'my way' in different ways throughout the meal.
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# 32 : Thursday 6-10-2016 @ 16:40
I don't mind the slates that much - it's a bit of a fad. I prefer wooden boards over the slates but real plates are best of all.
# 33 : Thursday 6-10-2016 @ 19:05
Yeah I definitely prefer plates... one of the local pubs I go to serves the food on boards and it's very awkward to eat food from them and very very messy. Especially if the steak is almost bigger than the board it's served on.
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