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Treat Yo Self
# 1 : Wednesday 16-9-2015 @ 20:46

Today is "Treat yo Self" day for me!

I've had some rough days this last couple of weeks and decided to give myself a little treat:

Ice cream, nice Portuguese wine (Douro region) and bought two new plants to brighten up my apartment.

How do you treat yo self? etc ...

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# 2 : Thursday 17-9-2015 @ 02:04
There is no decent curry house nearby so these days it pretty much boils down to ice cream
# 3 : Thursday 17-9-2015 @ 06:56
Really? So I guess curry was your treat before? That's a shame, but you must live in the middle of nowhere if there's no Indian food nearby!

In winter and spring I loved to treat myself to a Pizza once a month, always from Pizza King, who was the unofficial supplier of pizza to most of the Nintendo crowd.

As well as being quite nice and most times giving us a free soft drink, the pizzas are also delicious!

But now in the summer I don't really feel like pizza much.
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