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What Kind Of Dwelling Do You Call Home?
# 1 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 07:18
So, to follow on from the New Housing Crisis thread, what type of abode do you reside in?

I myself live in a ground floor 2 bedroom apartment built in the 1970s in
the inner suburbs of Dublin.
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# 2 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 11:11
3 bedroom house built around 2005 in a village with about 1,800 people.
# 3 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 11:28
4 Bedroom house with a full attic conversion to a 5th room.
Built in the early 80's (so it actually has a wall between us and the neighbours).
Semi-d, solid as f**k and they could be pumping music next door and you wouldn't hear it.
# 4 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 16:31
Someone said :
3 bedroom house built around 2005 in a village with about 1,800 people.

How in gods name do you manage to fit 1,800 people into a 3 bedroom house??!!
# 5 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 16:39
# 6 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 16:44
Three bedroom semi detached house, built in the 70’s. Standard lego like house that the dublin suburbs seem to love so well. The back garden was cemented over when the past owners built a granny flat towards the end of the garden (never fully finished and we just refer to it as ‘the shed’) and I’ve almost fully convinced the other half to take a jackhammer to it.
# 7 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 17:16
A one bedroom apartment built maybe around 2000. It has a narrow hall, a living room connected by an arch to a kitchenette. Unfortunately noisy neighbours but not as noisy as before. Sadly hardly any sunlight enters the building because of walls on the estate outside. The common area for parking is owned by the management company.
# 8 : Saturday 26-9-2015 @ 18:13
The apartment I reside in was originally my grandparents place from the 70s to the 90s. They bought it from new. When my granddad passed away in 1999 my Dad inherited it, completely refurbished it and rented it out until his death last year. Now it is owned by my sisters and myself so very fortunately I don't pay any rent on it.

I don't plan to stay here for the long-term. Looking at buying a two or three bedroom terraced house in the next 2 years and either sell the apartment or maybe rent it out again. It's in a great location - right beside the Phoenix Park and right on a bus route. I can walk into the city centre in 30 mins.
# 9 : Sunday 27-9-2015 @ 20:04
A three storey mini-mansion in an enclosed cul-de-sac in the city. I like my house, though three flights of stairs to my bedroom can be annoying.
# 10 : Sunday 27-9-2015 @ 20:34
Single room in a house in Lucan from the 9 of October near penny hill pub I think
# 11 : Monday 28-9-2015 @ 09:03
A 15-storey sozialen Mietwohnungsbauförderung building, from 1994.

No frills but great quality construction, very spacious and reasonable rent. And awesome skyline view
# 12 : Wednesday 30-9-2015 @ 13:42
Spacious 2 bedroom split level terraced built around 1900 or possibly late 1890s.
# 13 : Wednesday 30-9-2015 @ 14:57
Two bedroom end of terrace house.
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