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Prhomo: Halloween Night Special: Saturday October 31
# 1 : Monday 5-10-2015 @ 17:01
Halloween Night, Saturday the 31st October the haunted Hub swings open its doors at 10pm as Prhomo opens for its first ever Saturday night party! (We’ll be open BOTH Thursday AND Saturday Halloween week!)

Dress up, dress down, fancy dress or wear nothing at all. There'll be a €100 Cash Prize for best costume, and keep an eye out for details over the next few weeks.

**********TWO EURO (€2) VODKA DASH B4 11!!!!***********

Main Room: Stephen Dowling // Back Room: Pixie Woo + TBA

Drinks Deals All night:
€3 Shot Tequila / Sambuca
€3 CANS!!!!!!!
€5 Vodka Splash
€8 Double Vodka Splash

Doors 10pm, Facebook list ’til 10.30
Music & booze ’til 3.
Entry €7 b4 11 / €10
If you’re drinking with us, please drink responsibly.

Last year we set an insane clown on the crowd. This year we're taking it one step further..

Prhomo Crew
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