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Mother: Dark Mansion: Halloween Night: 31.10.15
# 1 : Tuesday 13-10-2015 @ 13:28
On Halloween Night, Saturday October 31st we’re taking over a haunted georgian mansion on the quays and throwing the mother of all hallowed house parties. Set over 6 levels from dank basement cellars and servant quarters to winding staircases and dining halls, we're dimming the lights, turning up the tunes and throwing a party like none we've done before.

Join the Mother DJs under candlelit chandeliers in an 18th century ballroom as the souls of the dead return for their one dance of the year.

Tickets are very very limited. Get yours quick! https://www.eventbrite.ie 10pm.
Tickets €15.



http://www.eventbrite.ie/e/mother-dark-mansion-311015-tickets-189 etc ...
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