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Halloween 2015
# 46 : Sunday 1-11-2015 @ 20:43
Someone said :
@Shavano sounds like you had a great night, definitely a lot more interesting than my halloween.

As usual, it was a lot of fun
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# 47 : Sunday 1-11-2015 @ 21:33
Someone said :
Thanks. It was the fellas handy work. He loves special effects work.

Yep difficult to get off, luckily it came off in one clean piece but the latex adhesive didn't make it easy.

How cool is that?

You can see the latex made a mold of my stubble.
So they ripped.

Along with some eye brows

Neat! The accidental depilation probably wasn't so cool, though!
# 48 : Sunday 1-11-2015 @ 22:17
Someone said :
The process changes all the time - depending on the seasonal focus, group intention and over all nuances of expectation and desired outcomes.

Yesterday we met, recalled and told stories of those gone, we went to the hill of Tlachtga to sing to the old ways and welcome the new year along with she who stands as the psychopomp of the rising year, raised the fence, baked, built the welcoming fire, gave liberations, feasted, stayed up until the rising sun, made plans for and of the coming season, opened the western gate, consecrated, celebrated the season and eventually wove a devocation for the space.

Very short recording at the singing tale to Tlachtga - with about 100 gathered.\

"Tlachtga lady goddess fair,
Come to us on frosted air,
Guide our path on pale moon light,
Light our fire on Samhain night"

Samhain fires:

That sounds like a fantastic night, Shavano! Maybe next year I can join you guys!
# 49 : Monday 2-11-2015 @ 16:17
# 50 : Monday 2-11-2015 @ 17:29
Someone said :

That sounds like a fantastic night, Shavano! Maybe next year I can join you guys!

Always a good few public events going on - from Dowth, Knoth, Slane, Tara, Rath Lugh etc.

I hadn't being to Tlachtga in some years and its changed a bit - but still highly enjoyable.
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