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Tea - Love It Or Loathe It?
# 1 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 01:18
Tea is pretty much considered to be our national beverage. But do you drink lots of tea? I myself consume about 2 cups/mugs a day, but I have mates who drink up to 7-8 cups per day.

Do you like tea? Do you consider offering tea to guests to be essential social etiquite? Or do you skip tea and go for coffee instead?

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# 2 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 01:28
Love a cup of tea. Using Barrys teabags at the mo as I normally pick up a box for my local OAP (Cork boy) and quite like the flavour myself, other than Yorkshire tea.
Coffee is mostly used at breakfast time
# 3 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 02:49
I love a cuppa though I'd only have one a day. I used to be a big coffee drinker but i more or less stopped over a year ago. I'd much rather green or peppermint tea
# 4 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 02:50
It is customary to offer guests a hot beverage,but as I don't use milk or sugar because it totally ruins the taste of the tea,they get to burn their tonsils or do without. I have 5 cups a day and love it.
# 5 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 02:59
Since moving to town in 2004 I have almost never drunk tea except when in the canteen on work experience where its the done thing.

I actually do like it though. Sometimes I find it works as an appetite suppressant.
# 6 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 10:26
I don't like tea, some herbal teas yes. I'm a coffee man.
# 7 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 10:33
Love my tea. Can't drink coffee as it brings on headaches for me.
# 8 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 11:10
I used to drink coffee everyday when I was younger. Nowadays I can't drink so much as a cup without becoming a jittery mess for the day. It has such a bad effect on me.

I like tea but rarely drink it.
# 9 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 11:10
I LOVE my tea! Maybe 5 or 6 cups a day, lots of milk no sugar. I can't drink it too hot and I like it a little on the strongish side but not like really black or anything.

At work or at home, everyone is welcome to a cup of tea with me but I always forget not to put too much milk in for others.
# 10 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 11:35
Someone said :
I used to drink coffee everyday when I was younger. Nowadays I can't drink so much as a cup without becoming a jittery mess for the day. It has such a bad effect on me.

I like tea but rarely drink it.

Do you still drink Coke, though? Maybe the problem was coffee on top of coke.

I drink a lot of coffee, I have loved it since I was a kid of about 14. I only became a serious coffee drinker in college, though. At some stage, my 3 or 4th year, we'd have an espresso at every break, so that means 4-5 espressos in a single morning.
When I moved to Ireland I quit drinking espresso as my standard go-to coffee since espresso there was crap and expensive.

Now I usually only drink it in Portugal and sometimes in Portuguese caf├ęs here in Frankfurt.

I make coffee at home and drink about 4-5 mugs of black coffee a day. No sugar or any other crap. Just pure water and coffee. I love it.

I love the taste of tea too, and usually have black tea, green tea and maybe an additional herbal tea at home but I love coffee so much I rarely drink tea.

today i ran out of coffee so I'm drinking black tea, but soon will have to head out and get me a coffee fix!
# 11 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 11:57
I like both. But generally only have one coffee in the morning and two to three cups of tea a day. There's days I could have a lot more tea though.
# 12 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 14:31
I've a cupboard full of different types of tea.
Sometimes a cup of tea just fixes everything
# 13 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 17:51
# 14 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 17:56
Someone said :

Is it just me? Or does anybody else return from holiday (where you have had various cups of tea) and say... "Ahhh... Proper cup of tea now".

# 15 : Sunday 8-11-2015 @ 18:03
Tea abroad just never tastes the same.
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