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Tea - Love It Or Loathe It?
# 31 : Monday 9-11-2015 @ 23:32
Charity shops? Not sure about where you are but you can pick up a pretty set here for under a fiver.
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# 32 : Monday 9-11-2015 @ 23:34
I'm not sure but I probably could if I was that bothered about it, but that post was a joke more than anything else.

I only use mugs anyway, I find cups way too small and annoyingly dainty.
# 33 : Monday 9-11-2015 @ 23:43
Gutted :P

Some make wonderful passive aggressive gifts
I like tea from real cups - has a sense of occasion with it
# 34 : Monday 9-11-2015 @ 23:52
I'm a practical man and I know sooner or later I'll move apartments agains so I'm keeping my stuff to the bare essentials.

For example, I only have two plates, the other day had two couchsurfers here simultaneously so I had to use a tupperware box as plate when we sat down to dinner.

I lost so much stuff when I left Ireland I don't wanna go through that again.
# 35 : Tuesday 10-11-2015 @ 20:22
Someone said :
Gutted :P

Some make wonderful passive aggressive gifts
I like tea from real cups - has a sense of occasion with it

Me too, tastes better too
# 36 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 16:40
I've become one of those a-cup-of-tea-on-its-own-is-nice people.
# 37 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 17:01
When I lived in the Dubai they made this lovely Mint tea and it was really refreshing in the hot weather. But I do love a cup of tea in the morning and mid afternoon and then later in the evening. However I find that some tea does stain the cup an awful lot.
# 38 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 17:26
Apple and cinnamon tea, is gorgeous.
# 39 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 17:42
Tea in the States is awful, also in Canada too. That weak Liptons crap. When I briefly resided in San Francisco on my J1, a friend from Ireland brought us all a huge bag of Barry's tea. We were overjoyed. Lasted us the rest of our stay there - proper tea, made from a whistle kettle on the cooker!
# 40 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 20:00
What's the water like over there JK, for drinking?
# 41 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 20:52
I drink around 6 cups a day - I don't know how people function without a good cuppa.
# 42 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 21:19
Someone said :
I drink around 6 cups a day - I don't know how people function without a good cuppa.

High 5!
# 43 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 21:29
I went through different tea phases and now I'm kinda settled on a few rules of thumb.

my favourite "international" tea is a nice Oolong tea (a Chinese white tea). and China in general have the nicest white teas and light tea.

Asian black tea (like chinese or japanese black tea) tend to taste more like "strong green tea" then what we know as black tea, and they often completely don't agree with milk and sugar.
The best Irish/English style tea you can get is Campbell's Perfect Tea (the loose stuff in the yellow tin).
Buy yourself the strainer, and even if you brew it badly, you'll still notice a difference in how much more robust, rounded and full of flavour it is compared to Lyon's or Barry's, with or without milk and sugar.

"fruit" and "herbal" teas, are mostly bullshit, except for mint. Which is awesome.

The nice "Spiced tea blends" are few and far between, which is why 'Earl Gray' is so unique; it's a blended tea that's actually well known and nice to drink. I've found Earl gray belnds are hit and miss, and often it doesn't matter how expensive the blend is, you have to just buy it and see. Sometimes the posh expensive brands are over done, or unbalanced as an attepnt to "taste posh" sometimes the cheapest ones you get in Aldi are exactly right and vice versa.

For good white tea (that doesn't involve having to import the stuff youtself)

Go to Supervalu and go to the in the local produce "fancy stuff" section, and see if they have Lily's White Tea. Its a small box for 4.99 (ouch) but it's worth it.
All her other flavours are I dunno, herbals flavour bollocks, but her white tea is the shit. Probably the best white tea you can buy in Ireland at the minute.
# 44 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 23:12
That Lily's tea is epic I have tried all from bagged to loose.Amazing stuff and whilst expensive it is quality and supporting a small business.
# 45 : Sunday 12-2-2017 @ 00:13
Thanks Greenman for the information, I love hot steaming Assam black tea but will try your suggestions, white tea sounds strange. Have you tried ginger.?
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