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Anyone Going To Pam Ann Tonight In Vicar St?
# 1 : Friday 13-11-2015 @ 01:29

Pam Ann: Queen of the Sky
Vicar Street,
13th November 2015.

The world’s favourite International Air Hostess, Pam Ann is back in the UK with a new show for 2015. Pam Ann’s caustic wit knows no boundaries so fasten your seat belts and prepare for take-off – she’s Queen of the Sky and it’s guaranteed to be a turbulent flight.

Hilarious, often shocking and totally politically incorrect, Pam Ann keeps things lively and nail bitingly unpredictable as she takes off her pristine white gloves and delivers an unrelenting barrage of “shoot-from-the-lip” observations.

“Pam Ann is right up there with Joan Rivers in her spontaneity and the audience loves it.”TIMES SQ CHRONICLE

“A delicious comic creation.”THE INDEPENDENT

“Like being held hostage on a plane filled with laughing gas”THE TELEGRAPH

“Our favourite foul-mouthed trolley dolly” QX MAGAZINE

*Please note this show contains jokes that some people may find offensive.*

Tickets are on sale now through www.ticketmaster.ie & usual outlets nationwide. Ticket prices range from:

First Class - €35, Business Class - €31, Economy Class - €27
This show is 16+
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# 2 : Friday 13-11-2015 @ 14:27
Was thinking about going to see her here at the Leicester square theatre - sadly never got around to it
# 3 : Friday 13-11-2015 @ 15:12
I'd love to see Pam Ann. She is gas. Well, hopefully the next time she lands on Emerald shores.
# 4 : Friday 13-11-2015 @ 18:45
This passes as comedy?

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