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Treatment For Acne?
# 1 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 13:30
I at the moment am attempting to transform myself for 2016
Been dieting and hitting the gym.
However my biggest problem is with spots/acne

I have had this problem since I was a teenager but at the time it was mainly my chest that was affected. My chest did clear up in my early 20's but in the last few years I have had issues with breakouts on my neck and forehead

Can anyone recommend any good treatment preferably OTC to help tackle this once and for all
Creams, cleaners or drugs
I am thinking of going to a doctor first but want to see if there is anything I can easily pick up and use first

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# 2 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 15:48
I can tell you the creams can be dangerous, as in, they clear the acne in the short to mid term, but then you skin become more sensitive, meaning eventually they stop working, and the acne comes back, and/or gets worse.
# 3 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 16:58
Do you wear a sweatband when you exercise? I find its sweat that causes pimples on my forehead.
# 4 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 16:59
Benzoyle peroxide works for me. I get the cream from as most products in the pharmacies here are too strong. Using a strong cream every day will just turn your skin red raw. I don't bother with the cleanser or moisturiser but these may be needed when first starting the regime depending on your skin sensitivity or the severity of the acne.
# 5 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 17:31
Are you sure it's acne? If it's only in the beard area it could be folliculitis.
# 6 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 17:57
Thomas is that a brand name or the ingredients. I am sure its acne ad I said I have at issues most of my life. Although I do also have rosacea as well
# 7 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 18:12
Its the main ingredient and would be known by that name in most pharmacies. The trouble is that's mostly available in 4% or 10% strengths here. You could try the 4% and see how you got on - if it works for you, I'd recommend switching to Acne.orgs 2% strength as its gentler and works out less expensive if you need to use it every day. You also need to be careful as it bleaches clothes - I apply it at bed time and wear a white t-shirt / use white pillow cases.
# 8 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 18:50
Have you sought a diagnosis from a dermatologist? It's their opinion that will direct you to what it really is - including if its acne.
# 9 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 18:58
I am thinking of it but want to check if I can get some good treatment without seen a doctor. Anyone hear of clearzine. They are tablets and can buy them on amazon look interesting but don't like buying pills online
# 10 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:14
Can't believe you haven't seen a Dr. Go to your GP and see what he/she thinks and at least get a referrel to a specialist.

If money is an issue put a bit away every week. My GP charges e60. It can't take you that long to save that.
# 11 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:18
If you dont trust buying pills online you could try which is a legitimate online gp practice. You fill in the online consultation and if the Dr agrees he sends the prescription to you.
# 12 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:30
I've never heard of this webdoctor thing before - what an excellent option!
# 13 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:35
The Indo had an article on it before and its legal.

Disadvadvatage is you'll have to pay for the meds when you go to the pharmacy to use the prescription.
# 14 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:40
It's not a cure by any means but I've found Tesco spot treatment gel to be quite good.

I've tried the stuff Thomas uses in the past but found it too harsh and it was ruining my bedsheets lol.
# 15 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 21:44
Someone said :
The Indo had an article on it before and its legal.

Disadvadvatage is you'll have to pay for the meds when you go to the pharmacy to use the prescription.

I wouldn't use this service myself due to historic influences on my health etc but my GP is now E75 per visit - a pretty epic GP so I'm very much willing (an thankfully able) to pay it.

I'd assume I'd be paying for my meds, as to prepay before hand seems unusual, as there is no way to assume outcomes or prescriptions etc. a positive service if approached appropriately
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