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Treatment For Acne?
# 16 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 22:14
I find the Soap and Glory Dr Spot gel works brilliant. Its €11 for a tube its quite small but its really effective
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# 17 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 22:49
Someone said :
I've tried the stuff Thomas uses in the past but found it too harsh and it was ruining my bedsheets lol.

Oh dear, you do have to be careful. That's why I recommend the 2% formula.
# 18 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 22:57
External treatments - are there any dietary internal adjustments that help?
# 19 : Wednesday 25-11-2015 @ 23:17
Water fasting works for me but its not a long term solution. In addition to the cream I also reduce my intake of rich dairy foods, mainly cheeses and creamy stuff.
# 20 : Thursday 26-11-2015 @ 00:41
Antifungals are also an option. I just put on some Nizoral facecream on a pimple to the left of my nose and it seems to be shrinking a bit.

Regarding Benzoyl Peroxide - I have a lot of experience of it from Quinoderm, which the chemists seem to have run out of recently. Yes it can reduce the pimples but it can also sting and make it very dry. Quinoderm is non-prescription.
# 21 : Friday 27-11-2015 @ 18:22
Bought Benzoyle peroxide yesterday 5%. That is all they had. Will start using it Monday. I'll test it on my forehead first see if it works and what the side effects are.
# 22 : Saturday 28-11-2015 @ 09:50
Good luck
# 23 : Saturday 28-11-2015 @ 16:58
My possible acne nose pimple has shrunk since putting Nizoral on but I did squeeze it a bit so that might be real reason I dunno. I don't want to risk spreading it bigger with too big a squeeze.
# 24 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 02:04
Do not squeeze. Drink lots of water, take wheatgrass and vitamin c with zinc. You need to treat this from the inside out.
# 25 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 02:19
Tea tree oil is also very good for this, but diet is paramount. Dab a bit of tea tree oil on the spots as a temporary solution.
# 26 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:26
Someone said :
Tea tree oil is also very good for this, but diet is paramount. Dab a bit of tea tree oil on the spots as a temporary solution.

I respectfully disagree. I get flare ups when I use the version of Aloe Vera that has Tea Tree oil included.

I agree with you on Diet though.
# 27 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:29
Cool, yea tea tree not suitable for everybody
# 28 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:34
I am much more a believer however that skin eruptions need internal solutions.
# 29 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:40
Drink water
# 30 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:45
Replace normal tea with green tea
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