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Treatment For Acne?
# 31 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 04:48
Use green mineral concealer powder on them to hide if u self conscious while they disappear
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# 32 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 05:01 etc ...

This leaflet says it all
antibiotics are effective, topical treatments can work but can be counter productive as they irritate the skin, diet has little effect on acne.
# 33 : Sunday 29-11-2015 @ 05:04
U will know what to use
# 34 : Saturday 12-12-2015 @ 16:29
How did it go with the BP, Starfire?
# 35 : Saturday 12-12-2015 @ 18:26
The short answer is that it is not
I was going to post on Monday as I would be using it two weeks then
But I have had no results from it at all so far

I picked up some vitamin A today to take and bought clensing pads
Its a bad out break on my forehead and I really want to get rid of it before next weekend as I have parties on

I got 5% and have had zero side effects I dont know if I need a higher % I read somewhere that if you arent getting a reaction from it its not working
# 36 : Saturday 12-12-2015 @ 18:51
Sorry to hear that. I find the cream is only okay at drying up existing spots but its much better at preventing them. Hope you get it sorted.
# 37 : Saturday 12-12-2015 @ 18:56
If no improvement I plan to go to a doctor/dermatologist is the New Year
# 38 : Sunday 13-12-2015 @ 22:18
When i was young i used to get spots and on the advice of somebody who knew skin I started using soap free products for cleansing and a daily moisturiser and I've never had a spot since .
Its the moisturiser that keeps my skin clear.

But I think your gp will give you the best advice
# 39 : Monday 14-12-2015 @ 14:02
I have never had great skin
But since the summer it got a hell of a lot worse

I am seeing some improvement however over the last day or so with smaller spots and redness in skin
Still have a massive spot on my forehead though

My problem seems to be that my skin is two oily so I need to control this
# 40 : Monday 14-12-2015 @ 14:06
This red line has appeared vertically on the right of my nose. acne or not?

I'm also worried it could have been caused by my Daktacort cream which I use for seborrheic dermatitis. Apparently overuse can cause skinntjinning and transparency eg blood vessels showing up. I've tried Nizoral antifungal fee too but no luck.
# 41 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 00:27
Oily skin can be a reaction to irritants including benzoyl peroxide,I found by using a moisturiser for oily blemished skin and non irritating ckeansers my skin didn't have to produce oil, so I stopped getting blocked pores and spots .

I would definitely go to your gp and see a dermatologist, there are modern treatments
to consider as well.
# 42 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 13:17
I think this will be a long battle
Losing weight is relatively easy - eat less and move more - but I have feeling clearing my skin wont be so simple. probably need to try and test different products and treatments until I find some thing that works for me
# 43 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 13:27
Drink lots of water to flush out toxins
# 44 : Thursday 7-7-2016 @ 13:09
My main concern at the moment is rosacea and Acne rosacea

Over the spring I got a lot of spots around my nose
While the spots went down I still have red marks

I have started taking pills to treat this issue
But want to get a topical treatment or face wash or something to help the situation even if only temporary ie lessens the appears of blemishes for 4 hours

I am going to go to a beauty shop at the weekend and see what they have
Anyone recommend a product for acne rosacea I should try
# 45 : Thursday 7-7-2016 @ 14:22
Avoid beauty shops, they will most likely recommend expensive products that could increase the chances of another flare up.

Coconut oil, available in it`s purest form from any supermarket.
Use a full tablespoonful, rub into your hands then apply to the area effected.
Wash off with tepid water and gently pat dry.
Use a moisturised sunblock all year round and cut out coffee from your diet.
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