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How Would You Fix Health Service?
# 16 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 05:26
We definitely need more consultants , even the effing troika wanted that closed shop opened up and it didn't happen , the health service would work way more efficiently if we had the European norms of consultants per head of population . Which we don't .
But Fine Gael are hardly likely to change that since the troika recommended it giving them the opportunity ( as well as reforming the legal professions ) and strangely they ignored it !

Acute medicine is expensive and gives a poor result for the patient of course it's great for the drug companies who we've been overpaying for years ( well done EU incidentally for policing that ... nOT !
If the state took a holistic approach of preventative medicine and had a joined up approach the acute medical services / hospitals etc wouldn't be overburdened and the population overall would be healthier .

It might not be a bad idea to psychologically check people in the health services too so if they burn out they aren't left in contact with vulnerable people .

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# 17 : Saturday 17-2-2018 @ 15:25
Turns out of our consultant posts across the hospitals they aren't necessarily filled by qualified consultants
But by specialist doctors
HSE have just admitted it and the vhi says they won't pay fees of unqualified consultants and they'll ask patients to pay directly
The HSE have promised to identify these nonconsultant ...consultants
I wonder will the HSE head quit now or finally be fired

This is the fault of Fine Gael who asked the troika to leave before they could touch the closed shop of the medical profession ( and legal profession ) obviously too many vested interests.

# 18 : Saturday 17-2-2018 @ 18:36
I decided to go private, when a problem I had with my voice. I make a living from it, and losing my voice or developing some sort of scary throat problem was a real fear.

So I said to my GP, refer me privatly, I need to get it seem to quickly whatever the cost. and he did.

a few days later, my appointment came for two three week from that point (all in all one month from reporting it to my GP)

I went two days ago and this was my timeline:

arrives at 11:40, for a 12:00 appointment.

Got seen by the specialist at 12:15, besides the fact that he diagnosed two separate potential illnesses, both of which I suffered from that are potential ways I could lose my voice, He also sat me up on his bench and fixed an ear problem there and then that I didn't even know I had. He instantly diagnosed me with the main problem I was having; allergic rhinitis, in my nasal passages and upper lungs, and told me the health status of each of my singing apparatuses, my nose, my soft palette, the back of my tongue, my larynx, throat and lungs. how allergies affect each one.

He sent me down "the hall" for an allergy test, which happened after a 10 minute wait at about 12:50.

Found out I was mildy allergic to cats, and SEVERLY allergic to dust-mites, Not allergic at all to pollen and a plethora of other thing.

I went back up, wrote me a prescription for 6 months of medicine to help clear the long term damage that was collecting in my sinuses, Diagnosed ANOTHER problem I had for years with my tongue, that I casually mentioned to him and never new what it was.

And me sent me off home.

Consultation 150 quid
Allergy testing 50 quid
Prescription 20 quid

just over 200 quid to fix something it would have probably take 5 years to even get looked at publicly. and solve 3 seperate medical mysteries that I wouldn't have even got around to mentioning to a consultant on the tight time scale of a public heath consultation.

Our public health system is a fucking DISGRACE!!!!

If you can at all help it, just go private.
# 19 : Saturday 17-2-2018 @ 18:54
Yeah Greenmanpp I have private insurance. I can claim back e90 on Consultants fees.

The insurance gets docked from my wages but its the best thing I ever signed up to.

It's just so quick to get seen and much better all round.
# 20 : Saturday 17-2-2018 @ 21:31
Do you think, the Public Service is being left on life support for a number of reasons and the end result will be a proposal to privatize it?
# 21 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 01:20
I don't think there's any issue with having private and public health systems but we don't have enough consultants fact and the systems are very messily entangled here, this isn't the case in other countries.
They just need to open up the medical profession ( and the legal profession) so we reach OECD levels of consultants and then our hospitals have to be properly staffed.
It's ridiculous having them on call when they are being paid to work in the hospital .
# 22 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 10:15
The disparity between waiting times for public and private patients is way off balance. This urgently needs to be addressed.
# 23 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 12:42
Canada used to have a law that treatments that are available in the public sector could not be provided in the private sector. That had the result that the middle classes had a strong interest in ensuring that the public system worked efficiently because (unless they went abroad) they joined the queue for a treatment.

We have a classic dilemma from the branch of maths called game theory: when an illness arises it is in my immediate best interest to get it treated in the private system, but doing that weakens not only my medium and longer term interests but everybody else's too because it uses consultants' time outside the public system and distorts (in this case, reduces) the demand signals for the public system.
# 24 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 14:44
if you have insurance you want to see that it works and if your health is affected you normally want a quick resolution , but you have to be careful to choose a consultant that works in both systems i.e. Has experience and is good at their game because there's the private dilemma the quack more interested in insurance than health !
but we don't anyway have enough consultants and that's the fault of the medical profession which is a closed shop.

# 25 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 22:12
The HSE needs to centralize all billing, staff training, payroll and other administrative tasks, fine people who fail to give 48 hours notice they cannot turn up for appointments,get rid of middle management, give more resources for home help so more people can stay at home rather than taking up beds.

# 26 : Sunday 18-2-2018 @ 23:27
# 27 : Monday 19-2-2018 @ 00:10
Someone said :
The HSE needs to centralize all billing, staff training, payroll and other administrative tasks, fine people who fail to give 48 hours notice they cannot turn up for appointments,get rid of middle management, give more resources for home help so more people can stay at home rather than taking up beds.

Or they could just abolish the HSE and it's " corporate' structure and ideas of itself , it's ridiculous that the dept of health allocates a detailed budget and then the HSE mirrors the department with more administrators ????? Why?
They make mistakes all the time anyway !
The main problem with our health system is it's a closed shop , if the HSE can't even find 400 consultants to staff the hospitals and had to hire unqualified doctors that the insurance won't reimburse it's the medical profession that is causing this bottleneck because being a consultant is a license to print money and they don't want too many qualifying.
We have the lowest numbers in the OECD and nobody says a peep ! Why?
That's why you can't get an appointment , it's no other reason !
# 28 : Wednesday 14-3-2018 @ 10:02
Delighted O’Brien is leaving the HSE , hopefully now they’ll abolish it but his departure means the reform can begin and they can cull all of the unnecessary managers out of it and the health budget can be spent on health and not on administration.
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