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Poppers .. Where To Buy
# 16 : Saturday 25-11-2017 @ 23:33
Sex shops generally sell them. Tried them years ago and they give you a 1 minute rush. Of course, poppers are used for another reason - as an anal relaxant.

If you have a heart condition, stay well away from poppers. Always thought they they smelt of dirty socks.
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# 17 : Tuesday 28-11-2017 @ 20:50
Someone said :
Can I ask what does poppers do for you I know many people use and I have seen lots of people use them but why should I try

They basically relax every muscle & Blood vessel in your body.. Therefore increasing blood flow to your cock if you are a top & relaxing the muscles in your ass if you are a bottom.. It's a nice feeling & sexual arousal will be heightened a great deal but be warned, they are not far removed from an acid trip. Overuse will result in Psychosis & potentially engaging in activities that you may regret in the future.. Use with caution..
# 18 : Tuesday 28-11-2017 @ 23:39
I think, Oliver, you exaggerate. I've been using poppers for 34 years with no discernible ill-effects so far. You are right, of course, that they should be used in moderation. If you take them too much at one time they cease to be effective anyway. They lower your blood pressure which could cause you to get weak or even pass out.
As to their physical effects, my understanding is that they dilate the blood vessels which therefore fill with more blood causing a warm sensation. However a possible side effect is actually to cause you to lose an erection because too much of your blood is being used to fill the dilated veins.
# 19 : Tuesday 28-11-2017 @ 23:49
Like all narcotics really, be it beer, fags, coke, poppers, pills, coffee, amphetamines or whatever the hell your into.. Moderation is king.. A little bit from column A & dash from Column B, few days recovery afterwards.. Fun times, no harm done.. Go all Fear & loathing in Las Vegas on it, not such fun times..
# 20 : Wednesday 29-11-2017 @ 16:49
The are legal in Ireland.

I buy mine on line....much cheaper that the rip off prices here.

# 21 : Monday 11-12-2017 @ 01:25
Have you ever had any problem with Customs? Are all their poppers legal?
# 22 : Wednesday 15-1-2020 @ 16:42
where's the cheapest place to buy them in Dublin?
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