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Facebook Invitations, Social Events, Etc
# 1 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 09:57
It's pretty much accepted that a small percentage of people who click on "Yes" when they receive a Facebook invitation actually turn up.

What is your attitude if you are hosting an event? I hosted an event a few years ago where I invited over 50 people.
Around 20 clicked on Yes. There were a few Nos and everyone else abstained.

In the end 3 people turned up. When I inquired to some of the people who had clicked yes the main reason they said why they didn't turn up was that they didn't think they'd be missed.

On the other extreme - some of the people who clicked on no sent me polite text messages to explain why they couldn't be there. Some texted me on the day to say they couldn't go.

I've seen this at other events too - a friend had a party on Saturday, it was on Facebook and had a similar experience. I saw this last year when I hosted a surprise party for someone. The effort required to click a button on Facebook is negligible but the effect can be a lot more significant. Especially in large numbers.

Obviously circumstances change and people cannot make it - this happens with formal events like weddings too and sometimes no message of regret is sent.

There seems to be a spectrum of attendee/non-attendee types.

Yes (and turn up)
Yes (dont turn up but text on the day)
Yes (dont turn up and say nothing)
Interested/Maybe (turn up)
Interested/Maybe (dont turn up)
No (Don't Turn up)
Abstain (Turn Up)
Abstain (Don't Turn Up)

Which combination/selection of those are you?

I must say, I will not click on Yes if I have no intention of going or, to be frank, if I'm holding out for a better offer for that night. I just think it's basically a lie if I do that.

I will click maybe or No if they are closer to the actual outcome.

Is this just an Irish thing? I wonder if Facebook is interested in redesigning this application to improve its worth.

Any thoughts?

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# 2 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 10:09
I'm sometimes "interested may turn up." generally I'm more introverted when I have a lot of weight on, or if I get a pimple outbreak. Also I don't know how to join an event on Facebook
# 3 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 11:39
The general rule for me seems to be one third of people invited, attend. That jumps to 50% if you talk/mail each person individually as you've personalised the event.
# 4 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 12:50
I would say it's lower than a third of those invited. It's even lower than a third of those who click Yes in some cases.

I'm more interested in the psychology of the invitees and how much/little they care about giving a reasonable expectation of their attendance.
# 5 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 13:00
It's one third for me! I was speaking from my own experience but I do contact people individually so as said it rises to 50%. Saying that, I rarely host mass events expecting 50+ people, its 25 tops and usually only 10/12 people which would hit higher percentiles of attendence.

I don't think facebook is the best way to invite people to events unless you are following it up with a personal invitation.
# 6 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 13:39
I think you're right. It's clear that people don't treat it as a serious invitation - I mean to a birthday party, or something like that.

And the numbers do effect the outcome. If you invite 5 people then all 5 will state their intentions more accurately. If you invite 100 then each person thinks their attendance is less significant and treat the invitation less importantly.
# 7 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 18:12
The other thing is some people might click yes and fully intend to go but then completely forget about it because they don't long into facebook very often
# 8 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 20:39
That is true. I suppose they would need to employ whatever reminder system they usually use, whether that's their phone or diary or whatever.
# 9 : Monday 7-12-2015 @ 23:36
It's not the same as the social situations you're asking about, but no-shows are a problem with free events my employer has organised over the years. We heard about the approach that, we were told, is used by public bodies in Sweden: an event is free, but if you fail to show up, you are billed.
# 10 : Thursday 17-12-2015 @ 13:42
Well with me its " Yes ! I will definitely be there. I am very reliable and punctual.
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