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College Thesis; Requesting Gay And Bisexual Men To Participate.
# 1 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 20:17
UPDATE: survey is officially closed


Hey Gaire, my study is finally here!
If anyone is willing to participate by filling out my survey I would greatly appreciate it.

The study itself focuses on Disclosure, Well-Being, Self-Attitudes and how they potentially relate to Mobile Dating Application usage in Gay and Bisexual Men.

To participate, you must be Male (sorry ladies ), at least 18 years old and identify as Gay or Bisexual
However, there is an option to describe your Orientation if you don’t fit this binary.

Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous (more info given in the link).
It will take 15 mins to finish.

The survey can be accessed here;

Thank you for any and all help, I genuinely appreciate it!


If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the study, please feel free to ask and will gladly respond (I may respond in a PM if required).

I will be happy to share the findings of the final study when it is completed next year.

Mobile Dating Apps can include Grindr, Tinder, Scruff, Jack’d, Badoo, GROWLr etc.

You do not need to have previously used with Dating Apps to participate, all are welcome!
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# 2 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 20:46
Done (and extended questions) some questions are highly situational but hopeful towards an interesting compilation.
# 3 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 20:48
# 4 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 21:08
Awesome. Thanks guys

@Shavano: Yes you're right. I had trouble with the phrasing of the questions for the Qualitative component. Hence it was recommended to me to make all off the questions in that section skippable for those who dont have or dont wish to express an opinion on them.

Thanks again.
# 5 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 22:16
Done.I love polls.
# 6 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 22:51
Done. I noticed for a couple of the buttons on the scale-based answers that they weren't working properly. You might want to review these JohnO.

All in all, a good survey. I wish you well in your dissertation.
# 7 : Tuesday 15-12-2015 @ 23:18
Thank you Gandalf.

Thanks for pointing that out Jupiterkid.
I'll review these straightaway.

Really appreciating the feedback!
# 8 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 08:40
Done it!

That was an interesting survey. Good luck with your study!
# 9 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 20:14
# 10 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 20:23
Someone said :

I think it's finished.
# 11 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 20:26
Ah, maybe its down for maintenance

(I thought you were joking)
# 12 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 22:03
Copying the update here for visibility!


UPDATE: I have put a temporary halt on accepting responses until I make contact from my Supervisor.

In got 650+ responses in the space of 24 hrs.
Its a bit overwhelming as I have a Qualitative component on this study which already has amassed 3000+ individual answers. Which is massive.

I will let you know if this goes live again.
Currently trying to race around and edit my posts to let people know!

Watch this space, If the survey reopens or officially closes I will let you know.
In the mean time. A huge thanks to all who have participated!
# 13 : Thursday 17-12-2015 @ 09:44
Update This study is officially closed.

I wish to offer a massive **Thank You** for all people who have supported the survey by participating and giving feedback
# 14 : Sunday 28-2-2016 @ 21:38
I know some of you guys were curious about the results of the thesis
The submission date for the thesis is due in mid March, there were 707 participants from an international sample. This means that the data for the open-ended questions was massive. So not all the information could be processed in time or within the word count restriction.
As such, I will be co-authoring the full Qualitative report with my supervisor over the summer.

Brief overview of Quantitative analysis;

> Gay and Bisexual Men did not significantly differ on Concealment, Self-Esteem or Psychological Health

> Bisexual men significantly Disclose their sexual orientation less often.

> Not being Out of the closet about sexual orientation contributed more to Internalised Homophobia.

> It was also found that Bisexual Men had a higher rating of Internalised Homophobia comparing to Gay Men and Pansexual Men.

> Low Self-Esteem and High Concealment were not related to Dating Application Use.

> Self Esteem negatively predicted Poorer Psychological Health (as Self-esteem decreased, so did positive psychological health etc.)

> Dating Application users who were Out about their sexuality were 7 times more likely to upload a visible face picture to their profile.

> No difference was found between those who did or did not have a face picture, nor was there a difference in Age between men who used Apps for Hooking-up and other users who did not.

> Half the participants currently had a Dating App (351 out of 698)

> Nearly 60% of men who did not currently have Apps had used them before (560 men out of 698 had experience with them)

> Face-to-Face encounters were rated considerably safer than Dating Apps for meeting new people.

> The most frequent reason for App Use was "To find someone to date". (Go Figure, it's a dating app, right!? But seriously this is interesting because it contradicts both previous statistical findings and anecdotal evidence in other studies that Dating Apps are used by gay men primarily for Hook-Ups )

I wish I had more information to share at this moment. I can link to the submitted thesis after it has been graded, for anyone who wishes to read the full report and the theory that informed the project's construction.
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