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Handy Little Gizmos
# 1 : Monday 21-12-2015 @ 19:54
Now and again I buy something small on Amazon or Ebay that just blows me away in terms of its usefulness. By far my favourite gizmo this year is a little stand for my phone. It's so handy at meal times to be able to read news sites or a book on my Kindle.

Yeah, you could just lie a device flat on the table but then you are vulnerable to spills, harsh overhead lighting, etc. I used to buy the odd paper or magazine but now there is simply no need.

What little thing did you buy that took you by surprise?
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# 2 : Monday 21-12-2015 @ 19:58
Portable charger for my iphone! It's a godsend!

# 3 : Tuesday 22-12-2015 @ 09:18
I have a little plastic spoon type of thing, but it's in the shape of an egg with a slit in it, used for removing boiled eggs from the hot water,love it.
# 4 : Tuesday 22-12-2015 @ 14:53
Someone said :
Portable charger for my iphone! It's a godsend!

Yeah, I've a 2600mah Kodak one for the iphone and a 7800mah one for the ipad.
They are brilliant.
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