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Red Rock
# 16 : Tuesday 20-9-2016 @ 23:44
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# 17 : Tuesday 20-9-2016 @ 23:47
So glad it's back and it's better than ever!
# 18 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 07:19
Someone said :
It's been doing well since it started. I catch up with it when I can. It's alot better than that shite Fair City.

Well now in fairness both programmes are good
# 19 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 12:17
Someone said :

Well now in fairness both programmes are good

Fair City is an utter embarrassment. Red Rock is miles aheads of this tripe even though it's just over a year old.

Watched an episode of Fairly Shitty last night where all three Bishop brothers are back...with beards...and were holding Paul Brennan hostage for some reason that I couldn't give a shite about.

High drama indeed.

# 20 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 16:04
You just need a bit of culture young man. You'd love it once you got into it. High drama and excitement indeed.

Haven't had a chance to see latest Red Rock episode. Will watch later. Hopefully Sharon might fall over her tits and give her head a good bang
# 21 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 16:20
I've seen enough of Fair City to be traumatised for life
# 22 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 17:14
How do people cram all these soaps in?
# 23 : Wednesday 21-9-2016 @ 19:30
Someone said :
How do people cram all these soaps in?

Well I'd record Red Rock because it was only on twice a week now once. As for the rest of the soaps I probably only get to watch one or maybe two episodes a week on my days off if I am in. I miss big chunks of them and half the time I don't know whats going on but its easy enough to catch on.
I had to stop recording Holby and Casualty which I loved but it was getting ridiculous the backlog.

I'm on for Corrie and Eastenders tonight though

Edit - Even better its Fair City instead of Eastenders tonight!
# 24 : Wednesday 22-3-2017 @ 13:20
Lazer forcefeeding cocaine to your man was something.
# 25 : Wednesday 22-3-2017 @ 17:52
It's beginning to go down the Love / Hate route which I've mixed feelings about.

I JUST love Keith Keily though. He's always getting himself into all sorts of mishaps!! He had a gteat line the other night.."she's had more pricks in her than a second hand dartboard"
# 26 : Monday 3-4-2017 @ 22:00
Me nerves!! Is Robbie dead?
# 27 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 07:28
Either that Boggy or hes superhuman.
Poor Robbie
# 28 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 14:57
Hated that ending, way too nightmarish.
# 29 : Tuesday 4-4-2017 @ 21:38
Two of my pals in work are friends with the actors who play Robbie and Laser so I will have to start fishing for more information!
# 30 : Tuesday 25-4-2017 @ 19:10
Rory the terminator.
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