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Hello, My Name Is JOHN M CULLINAN JR An I Am Looking For Family In Ie, Can Anyone Help,GAIL
# 1 : Tuesday 1-3-2016 @ 14:05
MY FAMILY NAME IS CULLINAN MY GRANDFATHERS NAME WAS JOHN FRANCIS I THINK HE WAS FROM DUBLIN, MY NEW NAME IS GAIL, my mother told me over 30 years ago that if i had been born a GIRL she was going to name me GAIL, so now that i'am a GIRL i use the name of GAIL CULLINAN. does anyone know any CULLINAN FAMILY IN THE ie.if so please contact me at jrcullinanjohn@gmail.com i have been trying for years to find out where my family started from. thank you for any help-GAIL CULLINAN
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# 2 : Tuesday 1-3-2016 @ 14:31
Hi Gail,

Welcome to Gaire...
Have you used Ancestory.com?
Type in your name then follow links, try to add as much info as possible.
Goodluck with your search..
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