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Galway Gay Scene
# 1 : Saturday 26-3-2016 @ 21:12
Any gay pubs n clubs n galway tonite
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# 2 : Sunday 27-3-2016 @ 00:45
There used to be a gay bar called Stranos but I think it's been closed for a good while now.
# 3 : Sunday 27-3-2016 @ 00:51
# 4 : Sunday 27-3-2016 @ 02:50
Every time I go to Galway there's a different bar opening and closing. Unless one has opened recently, there are currently no gay spots in Galway.

It may be too late in the night now, but if you go to Rosín Dubh or Monroe's; They're next to where the last gay bar (G-Bar) used to be I met one or two LGB in those venues.
Unfortunately your best bet is Social apps.
# 5 : Sunday 27-3-2016 @ 07:43
Used to love going to Galway but haven't been in a few years. Great city.
Unbelievable there are no gay bars. Like its Galway....
# 6 : Monday 28-3-2016 @ 04:10
The long running excuse is "well sure Galway is so open, there's no need for gay bars"
ya, but what about when you're visiting? what, are you supposed to bring questionnaires with you and hand them out to every person you slightly fancy?

having gay bars isn't a matter of somewhere you be gay without being physically assaulted for socializing, it's so you can go somewhere where you can chat to people without having to ask if they are gay.
# 7 : Monday 28-3-2016 @ 13:33
A bar is a business. There have been numerous gay bars in Galway and if they had been profitable they would still be open. You can't have a bar if its empty 5 nights a week just so the gays visiting for the weekend have somewhere to go!
# 8 : Tuesday 29-3-2016 @ 14:46
Yeah, but then again that's a topic for another day;
I say it's a failing of a country's economical makeup to have a situation where it is impossible to run something like a gay bar in a town the size of Galway.
# 9 : Tuesday 29-3-2016 @ 16:33
Galway is an expensive city to live in (for what you get) so I imagine running a business is similarly costly. As Paul says no bar can survive serving a niche audience that tends to stay in most of the week. Its hard enough for bars to survive in Dublin.
# 10 : Tuesday 29-3-2016 @ 17:00
They have a gay club night in the Rosin every month called GASS and Nova the cocktail bar has a gay night every weekend called G2
# 11 : Tuesday 29-3-2016 @ 17:03
I remember Stranos used to be busy mid week. Granted that was yonks ago. Thats why I thought it strange that a city like Galway couldn't at least have one gay bar sustain and flourish in the city centre.
# 12 : Friday 1-4-2016 @ 18:26
# 13 : Friday 1-4-2016 @ 18:39
Someone said :

Ah they do a nice pint of Guinness in there. I must see about a road trip
# 14 : Friday 1-4-2016 @ 18:49
Yeah its a nice spot, I'm looking to move back to Galway just need to find a job first
# 15 : Friday 18-11-2016 @ 01:10
yes there is a fantastic gay club night held monthly at the Roisin Dubh Dominick street. called Club Gass ;facebook/Clubgass hosted by Kiki St Clair
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