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Memrise: Will You Remember That Name?
# 1 : Thursday 31-3-2016 @ 23:10
"Memrise" is a great little application which has turned rote learning into an art, and as such is a beautiful addition to anyone learning a language.

It is based on list of words and their translation (or meaning, or more, as it is not limited to learning languages anymore), that are presented repeatedly to you in varying interactive ways in order to make you remember them.
And people can add their own "memes" to help them: pictures, puns, etc.

So here is my question: do you tend to memorize things better if you hear them, see them, touch them, write them, read them aloud, etc.
You might say it's a bit of each of these, but if you had to pick one and only one, where does your preference lie?

Personally, tasting is my thing, which limits the scope of things I remember!
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