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Random Thoughts 21 : Think Fast
# 961 : Wednesday 17-5-2017 @ 15:35
Someone said :
Hope you have better luck than me. Didn't see many animals last time I was there. They were all hiding

I'm just back. The weather was great. The animals were few and far between though. There were a lot of notices saying some animals not on view. I haven't been in years and thought it was going to be great. I wasn't too impressed with the size of some of the enclosures.
It was a good day but I expected more space.
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# 962 : Wednesday 17-5-2017 @ 16:55
Enda the line for "no lips" Kenny, bye bye.
# 963 : Saturday 20-5-2017 @ 00:02
Kieth Urban's non stop rubbing of Nicole Kidman's back on G Norton's show is just creepy and possessive.
# 964 : Tuesday 23-5-2017 @ 15:58
I know in the grand scheme of things it is absolutely trivial but I wish people would stop referring to terror attacks and incidences as 'tragedies'.
# 965 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 17:52
I found out a Nirvana T-Shirt I have from the 90's sells for up to 500 dollars on eBay.

I wonder should I sell it?

It has major sentimental value but...
# 966 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:05
Sure why not? Is it still as new?
# 967 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:08
Not really, it's a bit more faded than the one in the pic and has a small hole.

Still, should be able to get a few hundred for it.
# 968 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:27
Cool, you might even find a local buyer on or donedeal.
# 969 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:38
I wouldn't sell it if it were me. I'd blow through 500 euro in a heartbeat and doubtless on shit that I can't remember and wouldn't appreciate and I'd have lost something that meant something to me. Plus if you don't sell it, you will have the t-shirt and still have the option to sell should you ever need to.
# 970 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:52
True. And in five years I maybe able to get a thousand for it!
# 971 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 18:56
Someone said :
True. And in five years I maybe able to get a thousand for it!


Maybe you could do something to make you feel like you are getting more use out of the t-shirt. Have you thought about having it framed, and displaying it somewhere in your home? (Somewhere it will be safe of course, so it can continue to accumulate value)

I bought a lamp in a charity shop a while ago, 50 quid. Turns out the lamp sells regularly for 500+ pound online. I'll never sell it unless I really need the money. I defo have hoarding issues though.
# 972 : Wednesday 24-5-2017 @ 22:11
I was actually still wearing it till i realised how valuable it was!

I may just frame it together with my ticket to a Nirvana gig, it would look deadly
# 973 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 17:50
Just realised I forgot to pay rent for June!

Thankfully I'm sharing with friends and the full rent of the flat isn't due for a couple of days, such an idiot to forget it!

I should have known there was far too much money on my account!
# 974 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 21:06
Can't believe that Bono was annoying his neighbours with his cock.
# 975 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 21:46
He has been annoying the rest of us all on his own for years now.
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